Rate the player!



Points: 8/10 Growing Faster than me at least
BP: 1/10 Seriously? You must not have any good farms...period.
Alliance:8/10 Don't know much about Avernus.
Position:7/10 Plenty close to your buddies.
Name:3/10 What's a Japhyb?

Japhy is my name and b is the start of my last name, and yeah I don't have very strong farms
King of Elites

Points: 8/10 For starting in June
BP:8/10 For starting in June and they are ranked higher than your points.
Alliance: 2/10 Very small even for starting in June
Position: 10/10 Close to your alliance
Name: 10/10 Expensive but good.

Total: 38/50 Not Bad!


Brite Rich and Investing

Points: 2/10 - You are in the top 80% of your own alliance
BP: 9/10 - Rank 90 for bp last week vs 1,326 in points
Alliance:7/10 - Been losing cities to Hydra and winning against IO
Position:1/10 - Holy cow you are far away - I'd say you were excellent recruitment material for other groups
Name:5/10 - Kinda like the "Most interesting man in the world" commercial

Total: 24 out of 50 - sounds harsh and you are a lot better than your points I suspect.
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Points: 9/10 80k very nice
BP: 8/10 very decent top 300
Alliance: 9/10 doesn't get much better than Triad
Position: 8/10 near your alliance core
Name: 8/10 pretty funny

Overall: 42/50



2/10 you're in the core what's the matter with you?
1/10 why haven't you got more?
10/10 you must be a late comer to the world
8/10 may get more action when you're CS ready
3/10 I've got 40 hoplites ready for you...
Oh no! Not 40 hoplites! Swordsman you better run! If you are sending an attack I will support him with like 400 swordsman for some BP, if you want a fair fight king..


Haha I just noticed that swordsman is in Triad, still planning on sending those hoplites king? Hahaha


Points: 2/10 under 3k..
BP : 3/10 also under 3k
Alliance: 10/10 Nr.1 alliance
Position: 10/10 in 45 surrounded by alliance members
Name: 5/10 ehh

Total: 30/50

Rate me again I've gained a couple cities since my last rating

Herpus Derpus


Points:3/10 They are moving upward but 12k points has you a long way from being anywhere.
BP:2/10 Admit it. You're just getting BP from quests, aren't you.
Alliance:7/10 They are a top 10 alliance. At least there is that.
Position: 3/10 I had to look and even see where O57 was.
Name: 2/10 First name last initial? Even if it isn't, that's what it looks like. Thats as original as a government form.