Remembering Republica



there has been a republica in like every world :p I remember fighting against one in Xi

Hi, I was the founder of NMA along with Ricky070. Republica attacked NMA from the word go.... they were the bigger alliance and thought they would take us out. I don't think they leaders realised we were experienced highly active players from Chi and this was perhaps their downfall. We did take in the best players from Republica that we got to know and respect. For the less experienced players that didn't make it through, I hope you learnt, still had some fun and had better luck in other worlds. All the best Dan Gleebitz


The founder and leaders of Republica were experienced players from the world Delta. They are excellent in leading OP's with their good planning, communication, and coordination strategy that enemies feared the most. I used those learned tactics and strategy from my leaders and applied in other world and have fun of it.