"Secondary" Alliance


Simple game, one that would reveal others thoughts on different alliances and what they would do if they had to leave.

Game is this. State:

*Your Current Alliance.
*Which Ocean you're based in.
*Which alliance you would like to join if you left your current alliance, and why.

Don't just base this on position, base it on the alliances reputation, the players involved, play style, etc.

For example:

Current Alliance: The Enlightened
Ocean: 43
Secondary Alliance: Yo Serious.
Why?: I know a lot of people in there from previous encounters, for example a lot of ex-NmE players. I think their play style is interesting and seem organised. but as I said first, the main reason would be the fact that they have some great players who i've worked with in the past.



Current Alliance: Yo Serious
Ocean: 64/54/65
Secondary Alliance: Up until yesterday, the 300. Now it would be The Enlightened
Why?: I haven't encountered them much, but from what I see they seem as if they could give Yo Serious a run for their money as far as organization goes. OfA are a bunch of great guys but I don't know if I would want to be in that large of an alliance. I like to be able to reach everyone ;)


current alliance: Aegis
Ocean: 46
Secondary alliance: the 300 until yesterday too, but now Renegades
Why?: because they are close and they know what they are doing (well it looks like it)


Current Alliance: One For All
Ocean: 64/74/73
Secondary Alliance: The Enlightened
Why: I like the idea of a small alliance with a tight group of players elite players (I am a bit of a snob, actually); from what I have heard (and only what I have heard), I believe that the Enlightened would fit the bill.


Current Alliance: Renegades
Ocean: 25/35
Secondary Alliance: Aegis
Why: Because I know the majority of them extremely well, and get along with all! :D
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Current Alliance: The Rennasaince
Ocean: 34/44
Secondary Alliance: The Enlightened
Reason: They are a well organized, respectful, very active and seem to have a pretty good time togethor. About the only problems are the distance and the fact that we're at war.

Myrmidon King

Current Alliance: Knights Templar
Ocean: Mainly Ocean 35 and 34
Secondary Alliance: The Renegades
Reason: I have some friends there, they are generally friendly, and they really know how to fight.

milites Romae

Current alliance: Renegades
Ocean: 45, Northern half
Secondary Alliance: Yo Serious
Reasons: They're a good alliance; good players and tactics. Catching up with the other ex NmE would be fun. Also, (I would hope) less NAPs than what Renegades have.


Current Alliance: The Enlightened
Ocean: 43/44
Secondary Alliance: The Rennasaince
Why? I have alot of respect for the way these guys have started to go about there buisness.Early on seemed as tho they where a 3man alliance but they have definaltly stepped it up a notch or 5 against us this past week.


Current Alliance: The Rennaissance
Ocean: 44/43
Secondary Alliance: The Enlightened
Why? - I have had a blast battling with these guys for the past couple weeks... Overall they are coordinated, active and respectful; plus they know their fiction lol


Current alliance: One For All
Ocean: 46
Secondary Alliance: Yo Serious
Why? One of the few alliances that know what there doing. Coordinated with a good team. I wouldn't actually join if I ever left OFA for the simple reason of location.


Current alliance: The Immortals
Ocean: 37
Secondary alliance: Republic of the isles
Why?: My alliance was about to disband anyway but republic of the isles came in from 036 and conquered all the 6k+ The immortals leadership cities


Current alliance: Bowes foundation
Ocean: 33/34
Secondary Alliance: The Enlightened
Why: Apart from all the other reasons others have mentioned about organisation and skill. I find most of their players to be friendly even in a war and seem to have a decent sense of humour. Also, hypothetically, it would be fun to be on the other side so I could test myself against some of our better players :D


current alliance yo serious
ocean 54
secondry alliance none
why i would have joined The Enlightened as i know devils is a good leader but now he is gone i would go solo.already been with the renns and no one else appeals to me.plus u can do what u want on your own.may not survive long tho lol


current alliance I forget......
ocean 43,33, 34
secondry alliance Reborn

WHY? - The game is a game but I'm still learning as I go along - different players have different strategies. The alliance I am apart of is great. Reborn would offer me the chance to play along side other players with a wealth of experiance and skill that I don't have. I've seen them at work and it's pretty damn awesome.


current alliance : Renegades
ocean 35.. I forget the others.
secondry alliance Knights Templar.

WHY? - There a well known alliance, there actual name is a historical fact, they've been around a while, and there fierce and experienced fighters.



Current Alliance: Enlightened
Ocean: 33, 42
Secondary Alliance: none :)
Reason: Great group of people to play with but kind of missing something with out Devils ;)


Area - 44,34
Cu rrent - The Enlightened
Secondary - Reborn
Why? - They are friends from the days of The Rennasaince that broke off instead of merging in.