Shared tabs in Alliance Forums


Can Tabs and threads be shared with alliances you have a NAP with? I thought it only possible with alliances you have formal PACTs with.


you can share tabs with any alliance, doesnt have to be pacted at all. you can share with enemies if u want


Grepolis Team
Yes you are able to share your forum with anyone - even alliances where you have neither a NAP nor a pact.


However it would be good if inno put a few hrs into re-working the ally forums/or updating them/adding new things, considering these days almost no ally does anything major in ally forums, for all worlds most communication/coordination/ops/planning happens on external chatting apps like discord/skype and so on..

also, im a big fan of re-working of how hidden forums work, and it would be good if you can grant specific people access to specific tabs, but not all hidden tabs at the same time, and for god's sake.. being unable to move threads/archiving them or whatever even while tabs are shared is annoying and should have been updated years ago.