Top 12 Sink or Swim?


@wreakedhavoc , you are right friend!
its a 2 stage game , before wonders starts and during wonders....

as everyone seen that we had been on top in fighting throughout the world but these peaples (now they called themselves noobies) saying that we were simmers , loosers etc etc...
LOL, these mindless peoples even dont know how to look statistics, how to see the attacksers, defenders , fighters rankings... how to see the teams by their fighting skills, they just know to throw stones instead of playing games...
also change names of their cities when i attacks, message me when the storm my ls or kill my units by rage that i am looser and bla bla...

but they even dont realize that am taking cities in their core one by one on their islands, i have a ratio of 1 city per day in this server... but these noobies messages me that i am a looser...LOL

witchgeneral , these noobies players talking here that they are legends of grepolis, and we are on top due to merge only...

if you so called grepo legends , pls go and check the stats throught out the world, where were you all time and where we were and are in this world..



@Kal Gordon

the first stage of world, 6 months of war , before tinad merge ...
so, u going to make comment that our team was on top throughout this server due to merge which occurs now???

i dont care who u are and was in other worlds, a player or leader or council , what u and ur team are here , if u argue with me or with my team here...
if u and ur noobies team thinks that you are real grepolis plauyers and we all are simmers then what to say, go take a treatment friends....LOL

i am rude here , ya , why ? because of players like u who didnt know how to play, just know how to thrown stones...

i play game, i give my time, i follow my leaders and try to let my team on top whereever i plays...
i have a good past statistics also, crown is not important for me , but playing as a team player and let the team on top, i always trys...
i am not No 1 for the first time in this world., i managed to be in top or atleast no 2 -3 in worlds i played , and have a honour that my team always been on top, i will not tell stories like witchunter that how almighty he is and his generals...
but i have good friends and good teammates with whom i always enjoy playing and have fun!!!!
a lot of new friends and a lot of enemies who later became friends ///
every grepolis server given me only positive , lost some friends but made a lot more friends and as always will be positive and have more good friends and good enemies in game for more fun...

so, friends or noobie , whoever u want to be, have fun and good luck...

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Again, you don't really understand what I am saying, or refuse to listen. This is getting a bit irritating. You win your arguments by throwing stats and insults at people.

- Once again, I say that the TINAD merge secured your top spot, and will probably secure you the win. If you don't know the meaning of that word, please look it up rather than ignore it.

- I only mentioned my other worlds because you claim that I know nothing about the logic of this game. Yet being promoted by merit to a council in a respected alliance would definitely imply that I know the logic of the game. If you didn't insult me, I wouldn't have brought it up.

- I do not have those opinions, nor have I expressed them. I simply believe that this merge to guarantee the win was not an honourable way to win. Again you ignored my key point. It would be great if you could answer that rather than insulting me and avoiding it. I do know how to play, and I am not great at throwing stones. But I am allowed to express my opinion, so long as it doesn't break the forum rules. Given that this:

- My point throughout this has been the same. The merge was a good tactic used by Extortion and TINAD. Good idea, and not against the rules. But in my opinion, it was a dishonourable way to secure a win, and no amount of insults or bragging is going to change my opinion. If anyone is willing to debate this and say why it was honourable, I am happy to do that. But if you're going to just keep bragging and insulting me, then that's just bad form on your part.

Good luck and have fun, but don't expect to be hypocritical and not get picked up on it.
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secure the top place ???
what top place ????
go and see the stats where are u and the noobies in stats???
your top noobie player is not having half abp or total bp ... you can see it before merge also...
and regarding my comments , i am glad that i am on top due to my activeness , due to my leaders and teammates support... and will comment here to those players like u who are throwing stones on us instead of playing in game and fighting against us...

i will post these rude comments here , whether u like or not, but it were u all noobies who started all this and we had just killed you all in this server , now u all have no point to show your legency ... your so called great grepolis legends community .. LOL///

we , so called simmers throughout the world by u guys , just kicked u all that place that now in game u all just disappeared and here dont have any task xcept throwing stones...

for future , if u are so sure that u can great player, go play in game and show yourself...

regarding me u dont have to worry, everytime we meet in future , the situation will be same as here,...


The top place in rankings, and also the top place in terms of securing a win on this server. The stats currently put This is not an Extortion in first place, with SMYN in second place. I think that a merge in which you create an alliance made of the biggest and best players in both alliances can be called 'securing the top place'. Caustic already had it, but the merge with TINAD improved it further, hence my use of the word 'secure'.

I am not criticising your activeness, nor your skills nor the skills and activeness of your teammates. I just feel that the merge was a dishonourable way to secure a win. That is my opinion, and I am free to post my opinion on these forums. Continually insulting me won't make me suddenly change my opinion. (And for the record, I only have 1 city near you, I think so it is a bit hard to fight against you properly if I chose to put the effort in to do so).

Again, you lump me in with Noobies. Look at the alliance I am in. We were the ones who refused to merge into SMYN or Noobies of the Rim, in protest against the merges. I didn't start this externals war. I merely point out what I feel, way after this war has started.

I have never said I am a great player. (Not the worst, but I really don't see myself as a great player.) I am not insulting the personal skills of any player here. I am giving my opinion on an event that happened at an alliance-level, not a player-level. Please, please listen to what I am saying rather than just insulting me continually with no regard for what I say. Stuff like this is what kills these forums, and I think everyone would much rather see these forums alive, rather than dead due to constant insults directed at anyone who attempts to express their opinions.


Do i really see members from Tools being wise-guys??? Tell me... What have you achived in this server? You had the numbers to change/make a difference in this server instead i saw a top alliance which havent fought ANY REAL wars only killing off minor alliances. So stop that game your playing - half the server shakes their head of you guys already.

The last EN server i played was Sinope where my lads fought side by side with Fluffers & co. Many then dissed Eric for his mass-pacts... sadly i see that this havent changed a single bit. Tools and EXT merging is close to making it worse.

This server had great potential but this... Its not worth remembering.

On a side note (if this is my last post here Nag-related):
Thanks for the fight Bloods this server would have been BS without our war :) we had some good battles i will remember and respect.

we can both say that we were true here to what we came to do. Original bloods said from day one we werent here for wonders and even though so much BS has gone around about us, we still today stand alone and we have done what we said, we came to fight and have fun. Our battles with you (Donpj111) and TR have been fun and its been a battle with honour, very enjoyable . Thank you for you kind words and at least we can say we were true and didnt back stab anyone. We can leave with our heads held high and our honor intact
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Y'all talk like the merge was to secure WW against SMYN who have no leadership and less activity.
Like Lisa said, Ext has been condemned as being afraid of a fight, yet when we went looking there were no takers. SMYN players have consistently quit or hidden in VM since we started fighting. There hasn't been a chance of SMYN winning WW for months, so why is everyone so up in arms about the merge?


If, as you say, SMYN is leaderless, inactive, and has had no chance of winning WW for ages, then there really was no reason for Extortion to merge with Tools. If you were already guaranteed the win, then the merge with TINAD brought you very little, really. If SMYN is as you say, even a block attempt could be easily defeated. Maybe I have missed something, but what do you actually get by this merge except for some new friends who are getting a crown from you that, according to wreakedhavoc, possibly do not deserve said crown?

From my point of view, it looked like this merge was to secure the WW win. It may be that I am wrong. Both you and Lisa claim that this win was yours way before the merge. This is what confuses me. Because then there really does seem no advantage to the merge, except for TINAD.

(EDIT: I do appreciate that you are at least able to respond to points made, rather than just diverting attention by bragging about stats and insulting people in a way that is possibly a rules violation.)


i will post these rude comments here , whether u like or not, but it were u all noobies who started all this and we had just killed you all in this server , now u all have no point to show your legency ... your so called great grepolis legends community .. LOL///

My point about the rude comments was mainly about the fact that the particular insult I pointed out was an implied personal insult, as well as making light of people with a mental condition. Personal insults are definitely against the forum rules, and what you have said is very similar to what is listed as an example of unacceptable content in a PnP, and therefore also pushing the limits with regards to rules.

From the official forum rules:
- Personal insults are not allowed anywhere in this forum, including reputation and private messages. (Under the subheading 'General')
- Unacceptable examples: “Player Joe has a court ordered psychiatrist and really needs to get a life." (Under the subheading 'P&P')

If you want to divert attention from my points by taunting me, then fine. (Although it doesn't reflect that well.) But personal insults and making light of mental health conditions is not how anyone should respond to someone expressing their opinion on here.
I dont know about you guys but back in the day golding walls or troops was considerd a pretty shity thing to do and other players heavly disaproved of that (or it was just my alliances)
Now people just casually admit it and say its justified.
And bullshit that noobies are the only ones reallying on gold in know for a fact that there more than a few players in both extortion alliances that use gold heavily.
And Tinad are all simmers.
disgracefull alliance becouse this was their plan all a long.
Simming is okey if you're a new to the game its logical that you do that but Tinad has a lot of vets who are all simmers who dont have the talent and chance to win a crown without help lol.
I still stand by that ww is the worst fiture in grepolis.


Yeah, yeah.

Remind me which alliance has just lost 2 WW cities, would you? And to simmers, too!
No they lost it to players from extortion and not you or any simmer from Tinad who wants an easy crown and besides those ww holder where inactive and noobies decide to go ahead and not change that for some unknown reason so yeah gg well done.
Dont care who this phill is so dont change the subject, and my point still stands that you and Tinad are a bunch of sad simmers who other wise wouldn't have had a shot at the crown without being a lakey to extortion.
And your earlier post about noobies doesn't make any sense you didnt do **** to help them.
Absoluteley disgusting your bp is 230k that says enough.

Van Helsing

I dont believe you were around 'back in the day' with a gscore as yours? And I believe 'Golding' has never been heavily disapproved as far as I am aware
I dont believe you were around 'back in the day' with a gscore as yours? And I believe 'Golding' has never been heavily disapproved as far as I am aware
First you must realise that this isn't my first account and secondly "back in the day" their wasn't greposcore.
And thirdly i played on beta and Epsilon so i did play back in the day when grepolis was new and a thing(at least where i lived)


I've never understood what compels some people to actively show off that they're not very bright. Even more so when they draw further attention to themselves with ill-fitting usernames...
The only way to win this game is to build WWs faster than any other team. BP is completely irrelevant. Normally, I play the game just for fun and to fight, but for the first time I decided to play to win this world. The absolute nonsense you're spouting, Mr or Ms "Magnificent" actually confirms me and my alliance seem to be doing just fine - childish hissy fits are always the sign of losers.
Have a nice day. :)
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