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Grepolis Team
Competition - Smash the Amphorae


Gold - 1000 x 1

Gold 750 x 4
Gold 500 x 10

Plus one Griff II to a player chosen at random who participates 5 times but does not win.

How to play

There are 20 Amphorae here and most contain gold in varying amounts (although there are a few empty ones). Select 3 Amphorae to smash – if you smash 3 amphorae containing the same prize then you win that prize.

Post your answer like this:

1, 5, 9 smashed. (hint: this is not a winning combination)

Players may have 2 entries on day 1 and then 1 every 24 hours. The competition will end when all prizes are won. Winners will not be announced until they are all won but I will give daily updates about what is happening and how many have been won. When all the prizes in one category are won those amphorae are then counted as empty.

Amphorae x 20.png

Good Luck :)

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Grepolis Team
An early update
2 players have won 500
4 players have won 750

So this means that the boxes saying 750 are now empty


Grepolis Team
Ok update:
we have another 5 winners of 500

To those who are worried you cant see inside the boxes - no one can. All you have to do is guess 3 numbers between 1 and 20 and enter and you can give me 2 goes if it is your first time. When all the prizes are won I will post the names and show you the numbers that relate to each box.
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Competition closed.

Winning combinations. When all 750 prizes were won I counted those boxes as empty as specified in my previous post. For 500 prizes I was a bit slow this weekend and failed to update so there are a couple of extra ones and these I will just award since the lack of a post was my error. Only one player achieved 1000.

amphorae results.png

@Antonios222 9 12 18

@cursor123 3 8 19
@gibbzy96 3 8 10
@Staccato 4 10 19
@Abbacus 3 8 19

@Yaka Draiv 7 11 13.
@besmar 11 13 17
@pyropirate 5 15 17.
@isambardkb 15 17 20
@JustALampPost 7 11 15
@Azarea 5 11 20
@kyuoto 1 11 13
@milimike 7 11 17.
@mariaxara. 13 17 29
@Rachel.L 1 7 15
@Hecate428 1 13 20. 5 11 15
@IRGR8RU 11 13 17

Chosen at random from those with 5 entries griffin II @thewilsh

Thanks to everyone who participated we had a very good response here. I will add the gold to your accounts but if you want it in a different account then message me in the forum.

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