SotW Season 3 Week 2 Voting

Which Sig Do You Like The Best?

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Baudin Toolan

Grepolis Team
Alright this week's theme is video games so try to keep that in mind when voting for your favorite. Standard voting rules apply: No voting for yourself, no posting your sig elsewhere till the poll is closed, no telling others which sig is yours, no guessing at which sig was made by what artist, no campaigning of any kind. The voting will be public. Also try to remember to comment on why you voted for the sig you choose as the artists always appreciate it.

Entry 1:

Entry 2:

Entry 3:


ivote ~3

#1 is good a bit to bright though but pretty good all the same
#2 hmmm not really a siggy is it ? i think varun could do better lol
#great effects colours go well together could do with some more brightness but i think the overall theame the artist has used is to be dark welldone


3rd is the best
it shows that the person drawing it took a long time doing it and took pride in it.


Out of the three entries the 3rd one is more or less can be called ok. I strongly think that the person, who produced such result as #3, could really put a little more effort into his work and dress it up a little more. The first entry has potential, but a little raw. I don't even understand what is displayed on the 2nd piece.


3 looks like the only one that has time and effort put into it so I vote 3


1: Looks like effort was put into it, but it's just a jumbled mess.
2: The quality of the renders is horrible. The text color and font do not fit, either.
3: Best one here IMO. The render looks like it's actually there in the picture, not just copy+pasted. Doesn't seem completely finished, though. Also, the sharpness seems a little too high on the render.


Someone here doesn't like me.

Thread: SotW Season 3 Week 2 Voting
jezus christ I don't like you

I would like to inform all of you that today's day will be marked as a black day in my life because someone here doesn't like me and he/she just pooped on my parade of self-glorification. I am not sure if I will off myself, but I am sure will be depressed for a month or so.


Decent attempt for someone starting out tagging. Blending needs work. Namely, you can see that the entire right side is composed of warm colors (oranges and reds), and the left is all cool colors (blues and purples). The blending overall needs more work, but getting blending and composition down just takes a lot more experience. The main issue I have with this is that there are two "main" focals, and the rest of the piece is still really sharp. While bifocal pieces can work, it is a lot better to start out forcing people to place their attention at one specific point, with blurring, sharpening, and burn and dodge tools. The background being as in focus as both of the guys in the image, and the disorganized color feeling, makes the piece feel chaotic and lacking overall flow. Not too bad of a piece though, for the grepofx area.

I'm not too sure how to give any critique on this, as I'm not quite sure what was done. It kinda feels like a stock image of pokemon was used, it was blurred to hell, and then some brushes were done over the top. The piece is hard to see, with the focus being more on the effects of the brushing, than on either of the pokemon themselves, and I don't think that was intended. The effects on top aren't blended in well, looks like one of them just suddenly ends. The text itself is distracting, out of place, and the wrong color. I'm sure there is a guide or something I've reposted on here, but, text shouldn't stand out that much. It should be legible, but not demanding. Placed just off your focal and blended in. Honestly, I would tell this person to simply ignore text for now, and to work on developing the rest of their tagging skills. Seriously, you can just leave text off of a perfectly good piece and it will still be fine. I suck at text, and just choose to leave it out of 90% of anything I make.

This received my vote. Atmosphere is great. Flow is great. Coloring for the most, while boring as hell, works very well with the piece. I really like the star stock blending on the left, if that is what it is. Fits really well and makes that portion jump right out at you. I like it, even though it draws my attention away from the guy. Only real gripe I have with this is the small line that looks like a portion of the render/stock on low opacity just above the rail at the front of the gun, and with the smudging behind him. The line looks like a small mistake, but the smudging, compared to the rest of the piece, seems so low quality and rushed that it doesn't really fit.


One thing I would like to speak out here:-
I really think we should have a thread for commenting on the sigs entered for SotW rather than commenting in the voting thread,as it will mostly favor the sig which has the most no of votes to get the next vote