Spam and bully till they dye/drop/quit


And there i was thinking corvi, ranga, kosti and segi were the only ones living in their own lunch boxes thinking they are hot S&$T, know it all and better than the rest when actually only ruining it for everyone. But you Marcus just take things to another level. Like JE just wrote above, do you actually read the stuff you write before clicking reply or even understand what you're actually saying???
Haha can't even get me outta your head lol rent free haha

Interesting how the ones you seem to think are full of themselves are the ones who call out your BS....I wonder why that is....


I suggest we the players start demanding that INNO adhere to international standards for civilized behaviour
Which standards exactly are you referring to? Please quote the law that says how much a player is allowed to win in a multiplayer game against their opponent.

Make no mistake about it this game is headed for the scrap heap and the devs know it just as much as you or I do. The life cycle for these games is very difficult to interrupt and inject new life into
It’s not just Grep though. It’s online games and the genre in general. Different generations have different expectations and tastes for what they want in a game. You‘d have to get the next generation interested in Grep and what the game has to offer

This is where I think overhauling the game interface would help somewhat while keeping the game the same. It’s an outdated and clunky interface. It’s not the only problem of course, but given the mobile marketplace is big business and the app is difficult to use, it would help to improve it
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