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Would it be possible to get a sub-forum for specific Islands? Trying a different approach to diplomacy this game and this would really help.

If that's possible, would there also be a way to make it private (invite only)? I've run vBulletin forums before and I know its doable but it requires someone to manage privileges from the back end.

As always, thanks mods!



Unless I'm misunderstanding the meaning of this, It would be totally not worthwhile to do(A sub-forum for each island?).


you want to use the external forum to create a dedicated forum section for you, for just the 20 people maximum that happen to be on your island with custom permissions, with this potentially replicated for all islands in the world. :eek:


the trouble is, all these island specific sections would need to be in a subsection of the main ocean forum, so you are not even into child boards, but grandchild and great grandchild boards. It is possible, but on a forum of this size, with that many grandchild boards it would have an extremely negative impact on the performance of the forum due to the way vbulletin handles totalling of posts in gc and ggc boards.

thats before we even get into who sorts out the permissions etc.

will never happen bud.

Baudin Toolan

Grepolis Team
Not gonna happen. The amount of work I'd have to do to make this possible isn't worth it for the basically 0 benefit for it. Each world forum would end up with dozens and dozens and dozens and,guess what, dozens of sub forums for all the islands. That amount of clutter is so not happening on the forum.
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