That Ocean 0 Noob.



Please understand the above statement from Digi, whilst everyone in this game has managed to achieve cheap BP at one time or another, the real players get involved in the real battles.

Real players have an objective which usually gives some satisfaction from there CONQUESTS in the game, Digi may be my enemy within the game. However I have to respect his dedication, and skill at how he plays it.

Over the year that we have played this particular server I could say this about many players from different alliances and encompass all the different permutations that have occurred along the way. From this good, bad or indifferent playing style or strategy I can understand the reasoning behind this.

To be honest, I am at a loss to understand what any of you in TREX get out of the game on a personal level. Everything you do has no real significance to the outcome of the game play.

The strategy of many small attacks holds a small amount of benefit to warring alliances with a in game purpose, but TREX you are not a threat to anyone at all.

But hey I do applaud your application and dedication to watching paint dry or watching a kettle boil, sorry its the closest analogy I can get to your game playing style.

Happy days :p

Corfuman has pretty much already summed up my own thoughts on the subject. So I'll just quote him and say I 100% agree. TREX's strategy sounds as fun as watching paint dry. It seems rather mindless and requires a great deal of very monotonous clicking. Furthermore I don't see the point in bragging about abp when you're not conquering any cities. Nevertheless I suppose as long as there's a list, there will always be some people who will not only obsess over climbing to the top of it, but think that it somehow makes them special.


1. How would they know?
2. The 'dumbwits' as you call them have attacked, there is no reason to speak up because there is already enough said in this thread to get the point across. Obviously, neither side agrees with the other.
3. The overwhelming majority of my ABP has all come from enemy enemies...mostly OV as that's who we were warring with, and recently Oven, since the merge after you lost/
4. You're referencing fara as calling me a coward as if his comments had any standing in the community. News flash..they don't
5. If it happens on Rhammus its as much my business as it is yours. This is probably the attitude that gets T-Rex attacking you in the first place, this ridiculous notion that you are somehow more significant then the average player. News aren't

So Digi, please mind your manners or maybe you should move on to a server that you have a chance of winning?

Where does it say I feel more significant than the average player? I do feel more significant than the average t-rex player...
It's pretty clear who they attack and who they don't attack. You'd be talking much differently with more than 900 incoming.
Are you sure you're not playing Taras as well, where 3 out of 5 top alliances merged to build some shiny wws?

And how would my members know my bp is honest? Oh because they're online when I get it and I send them the reports.
So atticut, I definitely mind my manners, and I agree with what fara said.
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Oh man - I wish I'd caught this thread much earlier. This is the funniest read I've had in ages. I couldn't help myself but to post up on the fun.

Well Corfuman, us at T-Rex have been playing this game since world 17.

Yada...yada...yada... ...People gang up on the smaller players and boast about their conquests... ...yada... yada...

I was the smaller player on Rhammus and being ganged up on in this server; I learnt to play, made some friends in both friendly and enemy alliance, and grew to where I am now. Perhaps you guys just needed to try and build some better relationships?

I've also never picked on a small player - ever, and shown pretty much 100% respect to those I play with and against; please feel free to ask friends and enemies alike.

And before you decide to waste time by going off on the ABP/DBP hunt to start quoting "facts" to undermine me, I'm proud of my ABP/DBP ratio. I was known as the alliance super-turtle for pretty much every alliance I've been in and I've been one of the most prolific, if smaller for a lot of the time, providers of DEF into any siege my teammates have started.

Yada...yada...yada... then we start fighting the bigger players. Which always annoys the hell out of them... ...yada... yada...

Annoy, no. Amused by the whole 50hrs inbound TTs you guys have waited for 80 ABPs or so per hit, only then to have to wait another 50hrs as I let your boys sail home, empty handed and with scurvy - HELL YES..! As Corfu said, watching paint dry would be more interesting, and would actually conclude much more quickly.

We do not care what other people say about us, just keep it civil.

Erm - really? And you posted here why? And erm - see conversation below. There's not a single insult from me but apparently, I'm the gold whore because I don't have, wait... lemme check below... 2,85m ABP, at the time of boasting.

Yada...yada...yada... Who is attacking who in this game (you lot are NOT doing that)... ...yada... yada...

See previous. An "attack" from 50 hours out is not an attack. It's a countdown for me to go to work, play with the kids, go to work again, play with the kids again, and then decide to dodge, or not, a pathetic harbour check [at best].

I class an attack as something I need to react seriously too. Moving my troops from one place to another, is a harmless distraction; a bit like the fly metaphor I've seen, erm, flying around this thread, hahaha....

And why have I not retaliated? Unlike you three (or however many), I don't want to tie up my troops on a 50hr roundtrip, when they can actually be fighting locally. Besides, you're all simply not worth the effort.

UKFirebrand on 2015-07-11 at 00:09
Cat got your tongue?
hell73 on 2015-07-11 at 00:21
no to bisi sending attacks on all your friens allso :)
UKFirebrand on 2015-07-11 at 00:24
Cool. I'll doubt they'll worry too much about 50hr TTs with 10 or so LS.
We'll make sure your boys return after some vitamin C treatment; if at all.
hell73 on 2015-07-11 at 00:34
well if u are happy and I am trust me..Happy
why are u sending me mail?
I have 2,85m Fighting point and I have 80 towns
and u have 0,6m fighting points and we have same number of towns!!!!
people that only play for gold I dont respect!
UKFirebrand on 2015-07-11 at 00:41
Haha. Glad you've shown your true colours. That's more like the response I expected from you.
Me - I like a bit of banter and civility in this game...
You - I guess being non-core makes your playground somewhat more level huh - at least for this incarnation? One wonders how you accumulated so many points in an essentially desolate part of the server? I know how I did and it certainly wasn't using gold.
hell73 on 2015-07-11 at 00:43
it is no way for u to denai that u are just a gold player and should play simcity loser

And then I was blocked. So much more banter to have, so little time to do it... Shame...


you have 900 incoming from T-Rex?

Atticus, I had 900 incoming attacks a week or 2 ago, plus around 700 failed spies that day.

And to UKFirebrand, i'm glad you caught up with the thread, was about time haha. Enjoyed reading it, +rep to you


Oh the agony, this really hurts
[b](2015-08-26 01:19:47) hell73 has enacted Lightning bolt on your city WX 170. Illuyanka[/b]
[table="width: 710, class: outer_border"][tr][td][img][/img][/td][td][img][/img][/td][td][img][/img][/td][/tr][tr][td][font=Courier New]
[/font][/td][td][font=Courier New][img][/img][img][/img][img][/img][/font][/td][td][font=Courier New][b]WX 170. Illuyanka[/b]
[b]Digital Mystikz[/b]
[/font][/td][/tr][tr][td="colspan: 3"][center][url=]Grepolis Report Converter Revolution Tools[/url] - ver. 3.3.9 created by Potusek & Anpu[/center][/td][/tr][tr][td][font=Courier New][b]Lightning bolt[/b]

Dark clouds appear over the
city, a thundering lightning
bolt strikes down and leaves
only a damaged building behind.
[img][/img][/font][/td][td][font=Courier New][center][img][/img][/center]
[img][/img][/font][/td][td][font=Courier New][b]Damaged building: Timber
camp New level: 39[/b]


wish i played rhammus :D your forums are so much better than ours


Welcome back Hell73, thanks for resuming attacks on me, I assume you got bored killing your own stuff for the past month in Ocean 0?

That's some good looking bp numbers for someone who's all alone in Ocean 0 and you don't even try to hide it. Well done, bravo!


You say that as if you don't do the same thing...we all know you hit both friendly and your own troops for bp digi, yes, we know, you gained blah blah blah on defending blah blah WW cities etc etc. it still does not account for your distinguished amount of BP here, as I also have done the defense and capture of WW cities and I am no where near your ABP.

The thing about Hell73, IceHell and T-Rex in general is that they aren't really accomplishing anything tangible with their actions that you can see, so their motivations remain enigmatic at best. Their continued existence baffles you, what possible reason could they have for being here now that the server has been won, and they aren't making any impact on Rhammus? Why would they do this? Do they care about numbers? Do they care about their pride? Do they care about accolades from people that don't really know them in the first place? Do they seek adulation from players who won't know that their time here was pointless, and that even though in some stat page or screenshot somewhere kept for austerity they will otherwise fade into obscurity...only remembered for how 'awesome' they were on that server that they didn't win, but wanted to be thought of as the coolest and baddest 'mofo's' to ever set sail at least to players that had no idea that most of their BP was ill gotten and a fabrication of their time, or worse, a greedy exploitation of server mates no longer playing here.

Oh wait...


Atti, atti, atti. I know it must be hard for you seeing me take EQ cities at will from active members while you fail to do the same and just stick to inactives....

That's not a reason to be blinded though, I always said i'm willing to show my wall to anyone who asks for it in game, it's a normal wall filled with a lot of troops & ships from EQ. It's not my fault some of your guys are too stupid to dodge their troops or hide them.
It's also not my fault some of your members stack inactives of ours and even ghosts to prevent us from taking them, all i see is easy BP.

as I also have done the defense and capture of WW cities and I am no where near your ABP.
You did it on an alliance that was already broken, wow, congrats, of course you wouldn't get as much bp as I did.

You don't have my ABP because you're playing against a smarter alliance, i'm sorry to say it.
Keep using triremes and hops as defense, please do...

And somehow I was expecting a reply from bitter ol' atticus. As I said before, they clearly haven't hit you yet, wouldn't surprise me if you made some sort of arrangement with them, after all that's how you play this game. Sneakyyyy :cool:


Yeah, Really I just posted to see if you needed to reply. You did.

I'm now convinced you just enjoy seeing your name as the last one to post in the different world threads. Lets see, will you reply to this now that there is nothing to reply too? Let the challenge begin.


Really Atti? For someone who presents himself as someone of a slightly above average intellect you sure are coming off as quite the fool here. You mean to say that the only reason he responds to you openly challenging his gameplay is because he wants to see his own name on the forums? That's sound logic. I suppose I'm one who thinks it's a perfectly reasonable thing to do to respond / defend myself when challenged or mocked. That's just me though..

I would think that a better way to test your theory would be to say something completely irrelevant that doesnt necessarily merit any sort of reasonable retort, then see if he responds. Say for instance "I'm wearing shoes." If Digi then proceeds to reply defending the way in which he has achieved 10 million BP, then you might be on to something. But I would think any reasonable person would say your experiment is slightly biased in that you are provoking the subject of said experiment with your comments.
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