Newspaper The Hermes Journal #2


The Hermes Journal

April 20, 2012

Bi-weekly News Issue #2

Summary: Good evening fellow GrepoHeads! In today addition of the Hermes Journal, we have two interviews: MetalCore (Our forum moderator!) and juliosathia (the top BP player of our world) drops by to give you some tips! Enjoy! :)


MC- Hmm, interesting to see a mod being interviewed. Ill go along with it

FFF-What's your name?

MC-People call me Alex, But my normal nickname by which i am most commonly called is just MC.

FFF-How long have you been a mod?

MC-Not very long so far. I would say about 1 1/2 months so far as i was hired at the start of March.

FFF-Is Juktas a favorite world of your's?

MC-Well that's a tricky question to answer as i don't play it. However i am happy that there is some properganda happening here and there is some activity i can work with.

FFF-What's your name?

JS-Julio Sathia


JS- i love to play soccer with PS3 or play real soccer with my friends and in the team.

FFF-What is most important when building a city?

JS-building a city is pretty complexe, you can only build once you are safe. So build a strong army and you can build after.

FFF-What's your alliance?

JS- My alliance is DOwners, a group of guys and girls who like to pick on turtles (Exodus alliance) and step on bugs (THRACE alliance). We are like a regular alliance, but what makes us really good is that we help each other with whatever we got. My best friend is Urman and HurtU. I know them since the beginning of the game and they always been there to help me. To say the true, the whole alliance is my best friend, because when i call for help, they send me everything, so, if i am number one, it is because of them. DOwner, UPpers and HAZE

FFF-Do you feel you have a strong team?

JS- i think my previous answer will tell you YES as an answer

FFF-What alliance is the one to watch?

JS- can't tell you that, because all the alliances that don't have a pact or a nap with us, have to be watch.

FFF-Message to the masses?

JS-When you play grepolis, don't be the one who has to wait to be attacked, be the attacker and move forward the faster you can. Mostly, choose an alliance that play a teamwork. i hate the selfish ones.

Thanks for reading! Post questions and ideas in the comments below! Remember to +Rep if you like! :)




Maybe ask the leaders of the top 12 if they are engaged in any wars, or look into major changes in city losses?

I'd like a better picture of different oceans in a newspaper article, even if you only explore one ocean an issue that'd be interesting.


Honestly, this entire server is basically a giant circle-jerk between two alliances - or at least - that's the way they apparently want it. Apparently, their game plan is to just team up to bulldoze every other smaller alliance quickly, invite the best players of those alliances, then when they are the only two alliances left standing, my guess is that they will have some kind of 2 man love fest to determine who is the most awesome.

It's like they are one big mutual admiration society.

I don't know what other worlds these self-proclaimed "top players" have played on in the past, but this is literally the only server where I've seen the top alliances refuse to fight each other and instead pretend that they were doing something worthwhile or praiseworthy by taking out players and alliances that they literally triple and quadruple in production and point value. It's pretty pathetic if you ask me, and should be beneath anyone that wants respect as a top Grepolis player.

You become the best, or claim you are the best, by beating the best. Just like Floyd Mayweather will forever be "The Guy that wouldn't fight Manny Pacquiao" unless he actually fights him, in which case if he did fight Manny and beat him he could rightfully and arguably claim to be the best.

The current state of this server is no different from a bunch of grown men heading back to kindergarten and then beating the **** out of some 5 and 6 year olds, then going back to the bar where they all hang out and congratulating each other over beers on how tough they all are.

This server doesn't need a newspaper as there is no real news. Hence, why this forum is an absolutely snore-fest.


Do you want to go into greater detail Deus, for those of us on the Rim?


Give it time. Trust me on this. Some times it takes till alliances are around 5m+ for stuff to start to hit the fan, That was the case for gythium.


Hello Juktas Forums,

My forum diplomat is in vacation so I figured I would comment since everything is so dead in these forums, supposedly...I am glad someone picked up the continuation of the paper first off

2nd I would like to reply to deusfurore comments...When the so called mega alliances that we have become formed an alliance between us we were in no way at the top of the leader fact we were grossly outnumbered but we knew that with active and good players all that meant nothing....This was not two mega alliances forming a pact not to fight but rather two very small alliances made up of elite players who took the battle to other alliances and winded up taking the good players from these alliances who naturally realized where they wanted to be and left....

Now that we are dominating our oceans, have beaten the stronger alliances at the time we started battling them and expanding you would like for us to stop and fight one another for the sake of simmers, lousy players and turtles which If I am correct you called them something different, oh yes players.... lol, are you joking?

We have enjoyed our working relationship with our allies and yes we hope to do so to the end of the server and if it turns out that it is just the two of our alliances left well then by all means I would not mind that and we will cross that bridge when we get there

I would also like to note that there has and still is a never ending talk amongst all these alliances we are battling to try and band together and form a coalition against us...Dont blame us because we actually know how to work with other alliances and you guys dont.

There is also something that will probably never come out so i would like to say it....Every alliance we have warred with and have beaten or currently beating [Legacy, Apollonyns, THRACE, Exodus, Death Dealers, and SPQR] has had the opportunity not to fight with us and have their top members join us, so that we do not run players off the game...Naturally as with most alliances ran by selfish, foolish unreasonable leaders they made us make good on our word that we will attack them til they disband or are all farms and so far our record is perfect....

As far as wars go I can help solve all questions in DOwner and UPper Oceans...If you are in oceans we are in and your not an ALLY then you might as well mark us red because were at war with you....No we dont want any more Allies so please dont ask


"This was not two mega alliances forming a pact not to fight but rather two very small alliances made up of elite players who took the battle to other alliances and winded up taking the good players from these alliances who naturally realized where they wanted to be and left...."

Way to re-write history, and way to keep patting yourself on the back in the same breath - Mr. Elite Player.

On what other worlds did you earn this supposed "Elite Player" Title? What other Major alliances have you battled or been a part of? Can you name me any player you've conquered with more than 10k pts on just this world? How about any other world? Or were you implying that you are in an alliance of Elite Players, and that now somehow you are made an honorary elite player by that association? That, even I can understand. It's a baseless and rather flimsy assumption, but I can see how you could have erred in making it - perception being reality and all.

Look, let me repeat what I said as simply as I can, so that this time maybe it will congeal. And really, I'm saying this for everyone else's benefit who might be reading this, more than your own.

Just because you blitz your academy with some gold early on, and conquer a bunch of unorganized noobs, doesn't make you suddenly an "Elite Player" a month or two later. What makes you an Elite Player, is beating other Elite Players, working as a team, in an elite alliance that has been on the server for more than 2 seconds, in a straight up fight. And since you thankfully name all your cities after the player you conquered, I did some digging. Yeah, all those players? Not so Elite. All those alliances you named?

Yeah, not on any other world than this one, so I'm just guessing here, but yeah - not so elite. And since they lost so early on to such a simple blitz strategy, I really don't have to guess - not really elite.

THRACE? No offense to them, but they are most certainly NOT the rank 5 Thrace alliance on Nu that has over 2mil points. Not even the same players man.

The fact that you, and your pact alliances basically give people the old 'offer they can't refuse' first, makes it look like you really don't want straight up fights that might bog you down, or cost you a little effort. By your actions, and the actions of those you've chosen to ally with, it's readily apparent to anyone with eyes that your borg collective is just trying to steamroll everyone and take the path of least resistance.

Hey, it's worked for you so far right? Well, good luck mate. I hope it works all the way to the very end, whatever outcome that might be!

But this is where even I draw the line dude. You didn't step into this steaming pile of horse dung, you flung yourself into it and rolled about in it for good measure.

"Every alliance we have warred with and have beaten or currently beating [Legacy, Apollonyns, THRACE, Exodus, Death Dealers, and SPQR] has had the opportunity not to fight with us and have their top members join us, so that we do not run players off the game"

You've got to be kidding me. You don't actually expect anyone to believe that tripe about "so that we do not run players off the game" do you? Seriously, if you're drinking the Kool-aid, then that's your own business. But don't delude yourself into thinking anyone with a modicum of intelligence is going to buy into that nonsense that you're just letting the "Good" players join you guys out of the goodness of your hearts.

Get real.


LOL...Deus you sound scorned, are you mad because your on the receiving end rather than the giving...I find it funny how I read a couple of your post bragging about what your doing and now that it is the other way around you cant take it...My guess is it wont belong before you take your ball and go home but that is probably because you know it is a matter of time before someone comes and takes it from you

I also love how ppl seem to think that because you have a lead early on it is because of Gold...Why that is the case for many it is not the case for all....As far as other worlds lol I also laugh when you seem to think that ppl use the same name in every world....I dont but I will tell you that I was #2 in Points and #1 in ABP..... Before I quit a couple months ago

As far as players with skill we are fighting the players closest to us but I can say that we have been moving way out of our way to fight someone we think might be worthy, and when that happens I am sure I could prove my worth as you say it......

I love the spin you put on things to try and cover what was really said, which is simply that when we formed our Pacts we were not big alliances, we were the underdogs and heavily outnumbered....That has changed given our gameplay and the lack of skill those we have went up against and now you want us to fight amongst our allies that we have grown very fond of for the sake of others..... Keep dreaming


Receiving? We've taken out the Banksters 10th player, taken 10k of Bankster cities, and theyve taken....1, 2.5k member who was on our fringe and too far out to support. Do you even know whats going on anywhere than under your short hairs? On second thought, you probably haven't seen that area in the last few years either...

And please point out where I have ever bragged on these forums. Seriously, I'm not going to wait for that response because it won't be in my lifetime. I'm an adult, and unfortunately your lame attempt to project your own flaws onto me isn't going to work. And for the record, the above bit was simply a reply to your direct question. I would have never bothered to even mention it otherwise. One battle won does not a war end.

You are the one tossing around the word Elite. You won't ever find that in any of my posts about myself or anyone else in this game. You can't prove otherwise, so stop claiming I'm the guilty one, when everyone here reading your drivel can see the the very transparently thin excuses you're now making for your own grandiose braggadocio. I never assumed you haven't changed accounts, I just assumed that you'd be forthcoming with answers, instead of more delay and blame-shift.

Since when do so-called Elite alliances ever care about being outnumbered by MRAs and sheer numbers? Numbers mean squat all in this game, until the moment you point out how you are somehow better then everyone else because you are outnumbered and ended up defeating those "superior" numbers.

That, boys and girls, is called a contradiction.

You are a walking study in them.


Receiving? We've taken out the Banksters 10th player, taken 10k of Bankster cities, and theyve taken....1, 2.5k member who was on our fringe and too far out to support.

Interesting claim. According to grepostats you have taken exactly one of our cities, which was a ~3k city of an inactive player. And I'd like to know the name of that player you claim to have 'taken out'... If you mean that inactive, good job there! ;)


Interesting claim. According to grepostats you have taken exactly one of our cities, which was a ~3k city of an inactive player. And I'd like to know the name of that player you claim to have 'taken out'... If you mean that inactive, good job there! ;)

Just looked on grepostats. He was talking about Artyle. He was in your alliance and then after he lost his first city, he was either kicked or left, so it looks like the 2nd FG conquest of his cities belonged to no alliance. So really it differs into whether or not you believe that once a player was kicked out is he still part of that alliance.


It is such a pity Deus you are a lil to far for me, But I am sure our good friends will make good on what I would like to do


Look HurtU, I'm really a ladies man, so regardless of what you'd like to do to me, you will have to save those thoughts for your nightly visit with ol' Sally 5 fingers, because I'm really not into that kind of thing - okay? And even if I was, I doubt I'd be even remotely attracted to yourself as you apparently lack the ability to communicate using words with more than 3 syllables which I find rather vacuous and unfulfilling. So either way, I apologize, but you really don't have a shot with me. Sorry to disappoint little guy.

And back to actual facts, yes, I was talking about The Bankster, Artyle.

I have no idea if the player was "Inactive" at the time of our attack or not. What I DO know howver, is that we had an attack planned on him from the moment he sent his doomed Colony Ship at our member Comack2.

The Banksters will remember that episode, because the Banksters had just taken in the really, really, horrible player dirtybird, who since joining your "Elite" team has managed to colonize 2 other cities, one of which was on his island with his main city, as well as cause nothing but drama for you I am sure. Him being an Ex-pandora player, who left them and tried to join us as a spy for the since banned multi-accounter Chicken.Of.The.Sea (who was banned by innogames, along with his 4 other accounts - yes that isn't exaggeration). I mean the guy is total class, and since joining The Banksters has managed somehow to put the word "Elite" in his player profile...

Funny how that works on Juktas? Join an alliance of "Elite" players, and the stuff just somehow rubs off on you! Who would have known?

But, moving along...

Predictably, while our real target was Artlye and his complete destruction, we sent a very half-hearted diversionary attack against dirtybird, and true to his colors, he immediately squealed like a stuck pig, and drew so many incoming counter attacks to his main city, it tied up half the bankster alliances Lightships for hours. Literally, there was such a knee-jerk reaction, some players more than 15 hours away by lightship sent counter attacks. It was really, really impressive...impressively stupid. After we felt we had drew enough heat, the pitifully small force we sent to him was recalled and the colony ship withdrew before any more banksters could get any BP off of it. It was a clean withdraw and no retaliation at all anywhere.

In the meantime however, our real target, Artlye, was already being conquered in all of his cities. Our goal was to completely remove him, and we did. During all of that, whether he was active or not was never an issue with us, or with our planning. He was gaining points every day as far as grepointel indicated, and the fact that he launched a CS at one of our members, meant he was going down, active, inactive, or indifferent.

I'm sure The Banksters didn't want those -points and conquests going against their record, so yeah, after they saw his first city fall, I'm sure they booted his behind with the quickness. Can't have - points when you're trying to keep up that flawless "Elite" appearance, right? I mean, a really Elite alliance wouldn't have inactive players who didn't use vacation mode on their roster anyway...

Oh, but that kind of ruins the whole narrative these guys want everyone else to buy into, and we can't have that can we?

So bottom line? The Banksters lost 10k points, and we gained them. So when HurtU makes the claim that my alliance is on the receiving end of his pact, or that I'm somehow emotionally compromised because his big ol meanie buddies dun been pickin on me, he's talking out of his rearmost point of contact- aka his a$$ - as he is prone to do.

Any questions?

(oh and HurtU, don't get all church mouse on me now. Come back! I was just getting warmed up! I know, maybe you can create a PnP thread so I can verbally destroy you there as well? Please? lol)


You need to spend more time gaming and attacking which when we check your ABP shows you lack that ability, but that is probably cause your in here writing 10 page mini-novels

Deus what you or your alliance does means lil to me as your not near us, I was simply trying to inform you from my original post that any pacts we have were created in the beginning of the server when these alliances were not even ranked in the top 25 nor was mine...

Now that we are everyone expects us to turn on our pacts and fight one another for their sake....

I do wish you luck with the banksters, the ones I know and deal with if your going to be fighting with them your going to need it

Not here to go back and forth with you, ROTD spends all my energy when it comes to that, which I am sure you will jump on their bandwagon with in the forums if I pegged you correctly lol


Lol... you spend time going back and fourth with ROTD cause you choose too, We had a NAP we were perfectly fine with and still are.. you just got all big and tuff once you walked all over the nobodies in your ocean and then started making unneeded threats towards us!


Why HurtU, I'm just glad you keep responding. Really, that's my only goal here. Entertainment for the masses.

As to jumping on RoTD's bandwagon, that ship sailed long ago. I'll jump on anyone's bandwagon if it means a chance to show-up self-styled "Elite" players. And since RotD is part of the 99% Coalition, why shouldn't I support them in here as well as in game? You're here defending your pact are you not? Or, as I suspect, is there one standard for you, and a different one for everyone else?

So yes, if you start any kind of verbal sparring with them, since I'm in their corner and vice versa, you can expect me to throw some punches too.

But please, continue thinking you have everything - including me - all figured out. It always makes the inevitable look of shock on the faces of people who claim that very thing only to find out once it's too late that they didn't, that much sweeter.