Newspaper The Hermes Journal #2

Omega Strife

Gentlemen, gentlemen, can we please cease with this verbal brawling and go back to killing each other in game like the civilized members of Grepolis society that we are?


gawd dammit omega! this was entertainments! lol I'm still not close enough to the party :(


You need to spend more time gaming and attacking which when we check your ABP shows you lack that ability, but that is probably cause your in here writing 10 page mini-novels

Deus what you or your alliance does means lil to me as your not near us, I was simply trying to inform you from my original post that any pacts we have were created in the beginning of the server when these alliances were not even ranked in the top 25 nor was mine...

Now that we are everyone expects us to turn on our pacts and fight one another for their sake....

I do wish you luck with the banksters, the ones I know and deal with if your going to be fighting with them your going to need it

Not here to go back and forth with you, ROTD spends all my energy when it comes to that, which I am sure you will jump on their bandwagon with in the forums if I pegged you correctly lol

Awww...Aren't you just so adorably sad.
Like a lost little puppy striving to find his way.

In your case, it's a point.
You try and try to find a point to make but alas, it completely escapes you.
Your point escapes us all.

You might want to quit while you're behind, it does not make you look like to almighty war wagon you would have others believe you are.


As to jumping on RoTD's bandwagon, that ship sailed long ago. I'll jump on anyone's bandwagon if it means a chance to show-up self-styled "Elite" players.
So, you're happy to jump in David Hasselhoff's car if it means you will be on top?

Now you listen for a while. You criticize people forming alliances while you're still happy doing it for yourself if it gives you an advantage? Sounds really like you have an enormous integrity towards your point of view! I bet you would snap at a pack of wolves that corners your dogs out of survival instinct. I also wouldn't be surprised if your dogs chased away that pack if you'd outnumber it.

It's all about the point of view, some make it and some don't... That's life!

And HighOctaneX... I, at least, fail to understand your post. Could you try and elaborate on your opinion? I guess that my mind is not ready for thoughts of such an enormous caliber...:)
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Current Juktas Attackers ranking:

1 HighOctaneX Forgotten Ghosts 16470
2 juliosathia DOwners 16452

Yeah, That's his enormous caliber alright...



deus, you are like a dog that barks, but doesn't attack. i don't talk much, i like more to prove it. if mr highoctane went up in the attacker ranking, is because i was more on defending my people. if you would like me to get my place, i will show you how a pure attacker works. i know you will reply me with one of your long novel. See you soon.

1. juliosathia 11 cities
31. DeusFurore 4 cities

i can see your not even in a good ranking, but you are a big talk. my point is there, a dog that like to bark, but doesn't bite.



Wow, it really takes so little effort to bait any of you guys into responding. It's quite an honor to know that the mighty JulioSathia himself deigns to lower himself to comment on my humble posts. It's very flattering to know that so many "Elite" players hang on to my every word. The minute I post anything, I imagine your trained team of forum monkeys have the word spread out amongst your various alliances quicker than a crackhead goes down for another fix.

But anyway, care to explain to us how a player with only 4 cities worth of troop production reaches the same amount of BP as a player with 11 cities worth? Could it be that you, the mighty pure attacker, just never bothered to attack anyone actually capable of building a decent number of defensive units to provide you with the BP. Maybe, just looking at the numbers didn't tell the whole story, and you didn't really have that much BP to begin with, you just happened to have "the most" at the time? I mean, if a player with 4 cities can get that much BP, why dont you have at least double that with double the ability to produce offensive troops and launch double the amount of attacks? If you wanted to show us all what a pure attacker looked like, you missed your shot.

But, thankfully you and everyone else can still see what a pure attacker looks like! He's currently in the number one spot. Think about that as you are no doubt predictably busy queing your next attack because you can't bear the shame of only being 'second best', even if it was only for a few hours.



Wow our world is finally experiencing some dialogue. This is pretty sweet.


in case you missed it deus this is a morale world and it seems anyone that is in the class of julio is at way low morale and it does not even pay for him to attack...I know you are unaware of that given the amount of cities you have.... I am sure julio can probably get 10k BP in one night if he found someone he can hit at even a 70% morale rating

HighOctane seems like a perfect name for you as we all thought you were a lil high on your last post


Wow our world is finally experiencing some dialogue. This is pretty sweet.

My goal is really accomplished. I got Julio to make his first post on the forums!

And frofflis, I'm well aware of the mechanics of this game. I study this game like I would study advanced quantum mechanics, or the laws of spatial thermodynamics within vacuum environments.

I take this game completely seriously, and devote all of my time to playing Grepolis, because IT IS MY LIFE!

My entire sense of self worth hinges on my success or failure on this game, and to have you besmirch my character and impugn me in such a way will not go unpunished sir!

Have at you, vile knave!



This is srs bsns brah.


... someone is on to me...

Ignore the man behind the curtain!


lol, love that picture....However that picture looks more like pendered dragging his alliance ROTD to their doom lmao...The chair can represent akelious as I believe that is the relationship they have :eek:


Honestly, this entire server is basically a giant circle-jerk between two alliances - or at least - that's the way they apparently want it. Apparently, their game plan is to just team up to bulldoze every other smaller alliance quickly, invite the best players of those alliances, then when they are the only two alliances left standing, my guess is that they will have some kind of 2 man love fest to determine who is the most awesome.

It's like they are one big mutual admiration society.

I don't know what other worlds these self-proclaimed "top players" have played on in the past, but this is literally the only server where I've seen the top alliances refuse to fight each other and instead pretend that they were doing something worthwhile or praiseworthy by taking out players and alliances that they literally triple and quadruple in production and point value. It's pretty pathetic if you ask me, and should be beneath anyone that wants respect as a top Grepolis player.

You become the best, or claim you are the best, by beating the best. Just like Floyd Mayweather will forever be "The Guy that wouldn't fight Manny Pacquiao" unless he actually fights him, in which case if he did fight Manny and beat him he could rightfully and arguably claim to be the best.

The current state of this server is no different from a bunch of grown men heading back to kindergarten and then beating the **** out of some 5 and 6 year olds, then going back to the bar where they all hang out and congratulating each other over beers on how tough they all are.

This server doesn't need a newspaper as there is no real news. Hence, why this forum is an absolutely snore-fest.

Floyd is not known as that to anybody that started watching boxing before 2008. Manny will forever be the guy that was scared of fighting floyd because he didnt want to take drug tests. A pro athlete refusing drug testing in the height of the steroid era of pro sports...very suspect.

Regarding your assessment of the early stages of this world...
Its early, this is gonna last over a year. i'd assume things will pick up over the summer. Relax a little


If you want to be technical, the supposed drug testing that the Pacquiao camp refused was an 'additional' testing that the Mayweather camp wanted, over and above the standard and required testing done to all athletes prior to the actual fight by the IBF, and done only hours before the fight.

The testing that Mayweather clamed he wanted pacquiao to submit to, in addition to the testing done by the IBF, was not sanctioned, and was simply a ploy. Everyone knows this. Bob Arum and crew were simply raising the stakes to raise the payday if it ever comes. That aside, Mayweather still doesn't want to fight Pacquiao because he wants to protect his record, and even Mayweather fans from back in the day see it, except for those living underneath the towel I suppose. Bonus drug testing or not.

I'm highly relaxed by the way, in case you can't tell.

Matter of fact, I'm typing this on my laptop, laying in a hammock whilst sipping on a white russian. Don't get much more relaxing.


Not sure "everyone knows" anything. Completely disagree with the notion of Floyd being scared though.

Took out Cotto at his real weight. He'll go to jail, then comeback and beat pacquaio by a similar one sided score card.