The Kelendris Times Issue II


The Kelendris Times Issue II

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Fiasco/Oki's Boys and Girls - GREEN

Written in Blood/BLOOD HELLRAISERS/Dripping in Blood - PURPLE

Virtus/Sanctus/Turritus - WHITE

Toons/Toons./Toons.. - LIGHT BLUE

United Insomnia/United Allegiance - ORANGE


Dear Readers,

"Time flies over us, but leaves its shadow behind." In this chaotic and volatile world, the only constant is change. For this issue, @Insanityforever and I explored the constantly shifting power balance within Major Powers as well as Rim Alliances. It's been an unforgettable journey until now, and we anticipate that the future will be just as dramatic and unpredictable as it has been since Day 1. We hope you enjoy this edition of the Kelendris Times. Until next time!

@Insanityforever and @IonGrey0
Co-Editors of the Kelendris Times


I. Rankings
II. State of the Server
III. Interviews
IV. Memeville


Note: Rankings were taken at approximately 22:00:00 on 11/04/2020.

1. Fiasco - 22,322,321
2. VICTRIX - 21,332,466
3. Written In Blood - 18,031,127
4. FERRATA - 14,076,746
5. Virtus - 12,505,349

1. VICTRIX - 20,220,958
2. Fiasco - 18,408,530
3. Written In Blood - 7,716,998
4. Virtus - 7,573,590
5. FERRATA - 6,746,218

1. VICTRIX - 13,622,590
2. Fiasco - 11,861,722
3. Written In Blood - 4,648,678
4. FERRATA - 4,306,894
5. Virtus - 3,170,469

1. VICTRIX - 6,598,368
2. Fiasco - 6,546,808
3. Virtus - 4,403,121
4. Written In Blood - 3,068,320
5. United Allegiance - 2,482,225


Ed note: We invited leader of the former alliance The Potato Collective and Editor-In-Chief of the Occasional Times @1saaa to write an opinion article on the state of Kelendris. We hope you enjoy his perceptive observations and incisive analysis.

I’d like to start this off by thanking Insanity and Ion for asking me to write a little piece in their paper (I'm really flattered honestly). Stuff like this is much easier than writing a paper myself. Now, onto analysis.

I’m going to do what I did last time and start off by breaking down each of the individual factions in this server.

I’ll start with the easiest one, that being VICTRIX. VICTRIX are currently spread out across 54 and 44 with a very dense and powerful core. They are in very strong shape and are as of now in two major conflicts. One with Fiasco and one with Virtus. Virtus seems to be a fairly average rim like team and are currently losing to VICTRIX by quite a hefty margin.

On the other hand, the war with Fiasco is much current with the current warscore with VICTRIX having a 6 city lead over fiasco. Make no mistake. Both of these teams are incredible skilled with dedicated players and leaders. But, as of now VICTRIX has the edge. Simply because, Fiasco is fighting a two front war. This means Fiasco cannot dedicate its entire energy to fighting VICTRIX (if they could this would be a very interesting war…). That very much makes Fiasco the underdogs in this situation.

Speaking of Fiasco. Lets talk about that Fiasco in 55. Right now Fiasco has a core in 55 with a backline leading into 56. Over all on the northern front they are fighting off an incursion by VICTRIX (mostly caused by the previous alliances that located that area (who would have thought potatoes couldn’t defend?)). In this position Fiasco is in for one hell of a fight on their northern border.

To the west are the lies in Bloods group (I think that’s a better name). Over all Bloods have significantly fewer incursions into 55 than VICTRIX. They are also definitely a weaker alliance. If Fiasco were looking to end this two front nightmare the answer is definitely in the soft under belly of Kelendris.

Now that I’ve taken a few shameless shots at Bloods its time to give them some credit. In their most recent OP on Fiasco they did manage to bump off a fair chunk of cities from Fiasco. Although, the OP was not enough in my eyes to turn around what has otherwise been a less than ideal performance for Kelendris’ Italy (alright I’ll stop now).

Currently Fiasco holds a respectable 28 city lead over Bloods. Not insurmountable by any means but I think due to past history Fiasco is far and away the better team. One way I’d like to look at this is through comparing the number of top 100 fighters in both alliances. Fiasco has 28. Bloods has 9. Bloods also have 23 more players than Fiasco. I don’t really want to waste everyone’s time by spelling it out. But, I think the implication is clear enough.

Now that I’ve taken a look at each alliance I’d like to refresh my inner eye and look into the future. I still firmly believe that VICTRIX are in the strongest position for world wonders by a very long shot. They have the most experience and because Fiasco has to deal with Bloods as well they can solidify and prep in relative peace.

In second place comes Fiasco. I would argue that despite fighting a two front war Fiasco is in a better position to win than Bloods simply because in a 1 v 1 VICTRIX would beat Bloods. If Fiasco falls it becomes a 1 v 1. If Fiasco folds Bloods it becomes a more intense war with both teams being very skilled and powerful. But, logically speaking the odds of Fiasco beating Bloods with VICTRIX breathing down their throats and then Fiasco beating VICTRIX (a very formidable force) are less than the odds of VICTRIX steamrolling the server.

And, that is my summary done. I hope you enjoyed reading and please enjoy the rest of the paper :)
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The first interview is with the always gracious @MartinusV, leader of Written In Blood.

1. There was been a lot of issues between Fiasco and Bloods. One being a nap that was canceled early. That started with LS spams that Fiasco was told to ignore and the situation would be corrected. Instead the nap was dropped and Bloods open fired on Fiasco .. Was there a reason?

M: To my knowledge that was an isolated incident. The player provided evidence of multiple cities that he sent attacks to, according to him there was an app glitch so it didn't show the enemy as red. I don't know the guy well enough to know if this is true. At best it was bad timing, at worst it was deliberate to provoke.
Main issue I believe was trust between certain leaders and a constant bickering over city swaps. Such pettiness and ignorance of the long game plan at that time. @NutsNBoltz knows what hes doing, like me swaps were an irrelevance but hey we are where are now.

2. A lot of people think VICTRIX will win this world. And that Bloods does not have the power to compete with either VICTRIX or Fiasco come WW time. What is Bloods doing to make sure they have a chance at actually winning this thing vs an enemy they have lost to before and seems to not want to fight?

M: We're just doing what we always do, compete. VICTRIX are experienced and a very strong team and are clear favourites to build the wonders. No shame in coming 2nd to them. Take away instant build and Bloods would beat either VICTRIX or Fiasco in a 1v1, you're right we don't even try to compete with that silly level of gold spend. As the rosters stand currently theres no doubt Fiasco can beat VICTRIX 1v1, it is just awkward or inconvenient for Fiasco that Bloods are enemies too due to location. This is also a server that seems to be losing many players every week most likely due to the virus, at this rate there may only be 50 active players left to build wonders.
Thats the best answer mate, if we had a secret plan I wouldnt be revealing it now would I ;)

3. Do Bloods feel as if they picked the right side in this current 122 war? As we all know VICTRIX has a background with not only Bloods but Fiasco as well. What promoted this choice by Bloods? Was it picking the side of who Bloods hated the least?

M: I cant speak for all Bloods. Some were for it some against as is always the case. We own 45 and control 46, no interest in 55 hence why we don't really OP there, may take a few opportune cities but we have no business there. Fiasco had cities in 45, VICTRIX didnt or very few. As we have no interest in 44 we had a decision to make and as Fiasco had cities in 46 it is the most logical.
Was it the right decision for the end game only time will tell. We have pretty much cleared Fiasco from 46, they take the odd city from 45 (mostly those who don't report the revolts). We continue to grow and we will be there to challenge for wonders, thats all we can do. We are at a stage in the server where the top 3 cant beat the other 1v1 or even 2v1, there just aren't enough slots for everyone. I know VICTRIX and Bloods can play the long game but I don't know enough about Fiasco. Perhaps they wont make the progress they would like and may end up leaving the world, who knows. They said they are not going for wonders which considering the gold they spend would seem very odd, we are also forgetting Toons and Virtus who are quite capable of building a wonder. I can't see even VICTRIX out building 4 to win wonders so there are many months left in this world.

Next, a short and sweet interview with davidharrydad who has a leadership position within Toons.

1. Being a rim alliance do you feel as if you are overlooked sometimes? For all of 122 maybe you could give us some history about Toons to bring some light to the rest of us?

D: I'm not too concerned about being overlooked, ourselves. Our core players have been together since en88 and we add some new folks every world. I know everyone says this, but our team is a family.

2. With a world focused on Fiasco / VICTRIX / Bloods. A lot of people forget about other alliances. How does Toons see itself in this world? Do they feel as if they can give a run come WW time?

D: I've learned to never underestimate our players. They are hardworking, unselfish, full of heart and do not give up on each other.

3. In Toons eyes who do you see winning this world? And could you give a break down analysis of 122?

D: 122 is strange in that it is very much the same as 103, with the biggest difference being the power in 55 here hasn't ghosted so there are three big powers rather than two. It will be interesting to see how that plays out. The winner will be the team that stays the most engaged.

Finally, a surprisingly candid and thoughtful interview with the founder and recruitment of Virtus, Ra-Ceren.

1. In your opinion, who is currently in the best position to win this world and why?

R: VICTRIX is. They are aggressive & they have a winning formula which they more or less, repeat on every world. They are successful at sowing confusion and discontent amongst their potential adversaries. In some cases, they "buy" their adversaries off with promises of this or that. This has been so successful that they have been able to repeat it on multiple worlds and the various opposition alliances foolishly, always seem to fall for it. In other cases, they simply steamroll the opposition who rarely if ever, can truly compete with the gold spending habits of the larger members of VICTRIX. Lastly, they are experts at fomenting wars between alliances that oppose them.

2) Between Fiasco, Bloods and VICTRIX, is there anyone who you do NOT want to win this world? (And why not?)

R: That is a difficult question to answer. Typically, I prefer not to answer questions like this but, I will say this much: VICTRIX has won many worlds. Same players, same strategies, same results. It has grown tedious and it has sapped much of the fun out of the game for everyone else. It would be nice to maybe see VICTRIX members spread out between multiple alliances on the next world (instead of continuously grouping the strongest game players all in one alliance) and see new winning alliances for a change. I think everyone knows by now that VICTRIX members are "winners." So, I dont see what they have left to prove by winning on every conceivable world.

3) At the start of this world most players did not consider Virtus as a threat. Today you are in a great position, controlling 1.5 oceans with a great chance to build one Wonder or more. What was the secret to your success?

R: We came in with a plan. And like VICTRIX (whom we have faced many times before), we came in with a formula. Parts of our plan have been a great success although, we've had to tweak it from time to time as events unfold. Other parts of our plans have had disappointingly dismal results. This world has been chaotic to say the least. Virtus has tried its best to remain above the fray, so to speak. We've kept our eyes on the ball and have not allowed ourselves to become embroiled in petty disputes. Still, all of this has left Virtus as the odd man out and we face a merciless enemy in VICTRIX alone, in Ocean 44 while the other world alliances make secret deals and play tit-for-tat with each other.

4) Nothing comes easy in Grepo especially in an active and volatile world like Kelendris. The numbers show that Virtus is losing their war with VICTRIX, the 2nd largest alliance in the world. What are you doing to fight back and turn this war around?

R: Virtus can not win the war with VICTRIX. We can slow them down. We can harry their cities. We can bog them down in a long term war. But ultimately, without the other alliances getting their heads out of certain dark recesses, VICTRIX will win. Virtus is not likely to just collapse if we choose not to, no matter what our losses may be. But without direct and organized intervention from the other major alliances, VICTRIX will soon control all of Ocean 44 and be free to pour into any other ocean in which they see fit to do so. I am a very old-time player of Grepolis and Virtus as a group is a very old alliance with a long and rich history. One might say that we are the most successful & original under-dog alliance of Grepolis. We have a few tricks up our sleeves just yet.
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Marti don't be so delusional with wonders. I do consider both you and Grabs a cut above the rest of bloods leadership.

and RA: the reason worlds with vix seem to be repeat is not cause of what victrix does, its cause of what bloods does. Any other team except bloods or well no team at all, hell put Marti at the helm and the whole tide of the world would shift.
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I like how you put yourself on the cross vs victrix like you are the only team fighting them.

atleast bloods isnt also hitting you, but then again bloods wont support you either, Batman might as well fly a victrix flag


Alright. Can anyone explain to me the hidden meaning behind this?

I can't see through that massive bloated ego thats cluttered this thread up.


Marti don't be so delusional with wonders. I do consider both you and Grabs a cut above the rest of bloods leadership.

and RA: the reason worlds with vix seem to be repeat is not cause of what victrix does, its cause of what bloods does. Any other team except bloods or well no team at all, hell put Marti at the helm and the whole tide of the world would shift.
Yeah, but they have a SONG, so other alliances are inferior by default.