The Kingdom of Elesius' Histories


King Dictino Espulaikós has arrived the Kingdom, where the alliance is posible, oh by Hera, our Godess, bless us.

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I, for one, love history, since, "those who forget their history... are condemned to repeat it..."

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The beginning

Kingdom of Elesius.​

Chapter I - The beginning.
All gods fighting against themselves by the human prayings, in this moment the major god, Zeus with his wife Hera said them: We're the creators of all universe knew by the man, all gods must down at the Earth and the humans will elect the favorite god., by these advertisment from Zeus, the gods went at Earth and by this case, the humans formed these islands and another kingdoms with the god's help.

The Dictino's birth.
Hera was pregnant from Zeus, her husband; and the little baby was born, but Hades, the Necrolord; capture the baby, leave him alone in the earth and Hades expires him the baby's divinity, now he's a human, no god.

Building a Kingdom.
Hera, his mother said him: Dear son, you'll be named Dictino, Dictino of Espulaikós, you'll my prayer and you'll build the kingdom in my glory, don't worry, I'll help you, Katherina, the priestess will be my messenger. And Dictino construct the Kingdom, all possesion lands will be named: Kingdom of Elesius., Dictino formed the alliance at the senade, he was put king from all lands, being the major senator in the Senado's reunions.

The academy was putted by Dictino, and the Hera's temple, that Katerina lives there.
Katerina said now: Our majesty, the princes and virgin women must marry, Hera said that their weedings make godess' will. King Dictino ordered the weedings, and the natalices in the kingdom, he invented the cense and stadistics, that their poblation raiting is forever commented in senate.

The secundary senator, Karaponos; order the information and talk with the stranger commings, the alliances in the kingdom were a lot of, living as a Peldast as forever.

Dictino had maden this declaration:
Kingdom of Elesius, around the island we're known as a potent kingdom, don't worry by the battles, you will live in peace, I don't let that our kingdom fall down, if you lend me ye streight, we're blessed by Hera and the Kingdom will prosper. all members made algarabies and they were happy. (pop)

Long live for the Kingdom of Elesius and your King our Majesty. Exclaim all.
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Upon sober reflection it turns out this story is just Disney's "Hercules"

But without songs !!!! if Disney has taught us anything its that if you are going to mutilate a story at least do it with song !!!!
Take a moment to realize that I am probably the king of things that make sense when I say the following. What the hell is going on here?


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