Pnp The rise... and fall of True Fear (True Noobs)

I'll rim you so hard you'll find your self at the edge of the world
Speaking of the edge of the world, gratz to morfubus for hitting ocean 1!
Imagine someone taking his city in ocean 1, he's basicly rimming himself! Lmao
Now git gud scrub and come for me, feed me more, FEED ME MORE!


at least he can get the award "1st in an ocean"

I havent decided on the appetizer yet but the main course will be Light Ships and desert some authentic Manticores, straight from Zeus' farm


I say its safe to say we can start the countdown to the death... after all 10/33 people are VM or inactive including their ALMIGHTY founder james ;) and with a upcoming event which shall be fun for both Co-Op and TF lets say... TF has a few weeks... and make sure in the mean time you fix their cities up for them nice!
At the risk of waking this evil, I would like to say that rumors of our demise have been greatly exaggerated before.

Shaz, you know who leaves sinking ships... RATS. Like I told you Sunday when you brought me into your Skype chat to intimidate me... TAKE THEM WITH YOU. I don't want them.