Pnp The Tomb Bust Disaster (with apologies to William McGonagall)

Discussion in 'World Selymbria (en99)' started by Alexander the Okay, Jan 9, 2018.

  1. Alexander the Okay

    Alexander the Okay Hipparchus

    Nov 21, 2016
    Are we though? You still can't help but think about us. You seem to be defined by what we do/did.

    You're a pretty good player. And I'm sure a nice guy deep down. Maybe an invite will hit your inbox some day.
  2. thor the boss

    thor the boss Hoplite

    Mar 7, 2018
    This is funny:D
  3. OutOfCharacters

    OutOfCharacters Taxiarch

    Oct 14, 2017
    I got seriously bashed for this POV way back when... can I have my cookie now that it's finally near completion? It's been a long, slow, boring movie over here. I even quit ordering popcorn. Get on with it so we can all wave at your tarnished crown and go to the beach. I've lost interest.
  4. Donpj111

    Donpj111 Chiliarch

    Jan 10, 2015
    My my my... been away for a few days and what do my eyes spot :eek::eek: 13/5... the Day when Sel finally revealed it self as a server like all the others lol.

    Well... break those wonders and lets get it on :cool: could be Nice to finish it off before the new domination servers kicks off ;) besides summer i closing in and i need to work on my tan :rolleyes: