The Top 15 (Its early, but lets get a good look)

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As always if you dont ask and tell, you'll never know. So regardless of the World opening today, I'd still like to give a few points.

A. Wow Not many premades, this is going to be interesting

B. West has the Advantage

C. Oceans are compact

1. Templar Knights- Seems to have good leadership but may be MRA
2 Order of St. Michael-Leadership is Okay, Good average
3 Black Death-Poor Average, but not being an MRA, Leadership good
4 24F reborn- Same as Black Death
5 Veni Vidi Vici- Leadership may be divided, has experience, good avg
6 Tiny Teddies-Great Avg, Leadership, not MRA, has potential
7 Divine Destruction- May be the "Incubi" of the world
8 Tartarus Legion- Going to Play Hard, if active
9 STRIKE- Will prob fall in the ranks, but be powerful
10 The Wolves of Sparta- Same as above
11 R.O.M.A.N.S- These guys arent going to last
12 Storms of Anemoi-Might be like ROMANS, but leadership is good
13 Dark Lords- Leadership will be good, may be off to a slow start
14 Man in the Yellow Hat- Seems like a joke
15 First Born- Good Powerful, small

But this is all up to speculation you cant be positive during the first week


Ill let you know the quality of the O45 alliances when BP ends


Sorry but I'd have to agree, it's to early to make one of these. I'll reopen it when BP ends and you get a better idea of things.



1 Templar Knights - MRA with poor leadership scattered over all 4 core oceans
2 Tiny Teddies - highest average looks like a good group
3 Order of St. Michael - MRA in ocean 44
4 -HaVoC- - My alliance so I wont comment other then there is a lot of experience here
5 R.O.M.A.N.S MRA in ocean 55
6 Death Faction - Lowest average of all MRA's
7 Musketeers - small group with good average. Why so close?
8 Corsairs - not to big or to small, but low average
9 Event Horizon - same as Corsairs
10 Man in the Yellow Hat - Experienced group from another server. some good players here.
11 Alpha Centuri - medium sized group with lowest average
12 BROTHERHOOD - medium sized group only slightly higher average then Alpha Centuri
13 Infectious State - Don't look very impressive to me. will see how they fare after BP ends
14 Veni Vidi Vici - going the wrong way in rank (heading down)
15 The Wolves of Sparta - They have a few good players, but not many


my take...

1. Tiny Teddies ~ While I'm disappointed that my alliance, The Man in the Yellow Hat, didn't get to see how well we would have done as well as if we could have held our own in the eventual battle with TT, now that we have merged it's hard to imagine anyone challenging us for dominance on this server, a double edged sword but I'd rather be on the inside looking out than the other way around I suppose.

2.Templar Knights ~ While I've seen plenty of worse MRAs, I don't think this one will be around much longer. They have plenty of juicy looking farms though.

3. R.O.M.A.N.S. ~ When your alliance name is in all caps, you automatically suck. When your alliance name is a fake acronym, you automatically suck. When it's both... you really suck.

4. -HaVoC- ~ A decent looking alliance to the immediate west of TT. Looks like a clash is inevitable. One thing is there profile turns me off; I dislike alliances that advertise how tough they are.

5. Order of St. Michael ~ Another MRA but slobo is a nice guy.

6. Death Faction ~ Don't know and don't care. Worst avg of the core-based alliances.

7. Musketeers ~ This one could go either way. I've heard good things and bad. Packed tighter than sardines. Is that on purpose? And more importantly, why isn't their alliance capped at 3?

8. Alpha Centuri ~About as far away as the real Alpha Centuri. so who cares.

9. Corsairs ~ Who?

10. THE HORDE ~ All I know about The Horde is that she sent everyone a funny recruitment mass mail. Also recall what I said about alliances in all caps.
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Honestly Saturn, I'd wish you'd stop talking like you owned all of The Man in The Yellow Hat.

Yep, you "founded" it because you joined the server before everyone else in our group, and yep, you named it because you created it, and deleted the thread posted to vote on a name change, despite other people still being in process of posting ideas. Yep you did nearly all the recruiting, but half of the recruits got ME in trouble when you posted in the internal Delphi PFB forum "Task is creating an alliance in Delphi, who wants to join?" Not once did I ask for that. Over half the ally voted to merge. Lets just move on from this and make the best of the position we are in now. No point in crying over spiled milk.

On topic:

1: Tiny Teddies - Obvious bias since I am part of the group, and I was one of the proponents of the merge; however, despite things looking great on paper so far, I'm hoping we can show the world we can co-op properly as a team once things get fun.

2: Templar Knights - Decent average, better than most of the other allies. I look forward to seeing what they can do

3: R.O.M.A.N.S. - Have already declared war on Templar Knights...should be interesting, especially if both allies get a running start

4: -HaVoC- I recognize a few people on their list, both good and average, ones to watch

5: Order of Saint Michael - Much love to the name, I remember them from Zeta. However, this isn't the same OoSM, but much respect for Slobo for trying again and again for trying to found a good starting alliance

6: Death Faction - Most members of any in the top 15, fairly low average. Perhaps its time to trim some fat already.

7: Alpha Centuri - 68 members, 3rd lowest average. mmmm we'll see.

8: Muskateers - 2nd highest average with a respectable member count. Looking forward to seeing what they have to offer.

9: Crosairs - Member count comparable to the Muskateers, significantly lower average. If they will remain a small group, they will have to make sure all their members are up to speed

10 - The Hoard - mmmm aren't these the noobs who created a fake account to MM everyone to join? For anyone not aware... Jetteftw is former #1 in all categories in World Delphi. He quit several weeks ago, the Jette here has a period at the end of his name, and has only played this world.

The real Jette

Honestly its a shame for whoever the impostor is to be putting a stigma on Jette, particularly by sending mails swearing at other folk.

11 - The Omega - Lowest average by far. Wouldn't bet money on these guys.

12 - Carpe Jugulum - have no clue what the name means and can't be bothered to google it :p

13 - Infectious State - ouch, for continuing the name of a successful ally in Lambda, they sure aren't to the best start. Especially not if crashing all gates is their goal once BP is over. They have a lot of ego to post their ranks from lambda, since they mean virtually nothing in another world until they have the numbers in the current world to back it up

14 - the lombardy - meh I'm out of bs to type

15 - same applies here, love the name though...Arrow to the Knee
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I dont see the daft boys in that IS alliance either so i don't think they will be able to get anywhere near as good as the lambda version. For your info the by the daft boys im refering to the bunch of them who came from Zeta such as raiders (he was under an aliais along with the others, can't remember the rest as it was well over a year ago) and they were a massive part of their success in that world. Welcome to prove me wrong but i honestly don't expect the same results. And im pretty sure they arnt under a new allias as to my info most of them have quit.


It was Meat4grinder and I who came up with the name "Infectious State." I don't recall being asked if they could use it :p


Ahh Meat4grinder. thats definitely one of the daft boys i was talking about.


The Musketeers main members are from Rho they are a good group that i used play with they know there stuff


Meat4grinder and Nina..........Yes I know them form Zeta!M4G is still active I think but Nina is gone for long time........ :D
And Thanks Saturn and Task........ :)