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This is a response since I don't want to troll his thread basically a realty check reality check middy and the a-holes independent alliance, who think they can just waltz into ocean 44 because they overcame 2 noob rim alliance who's players left them because they were led by incompetent leaders.

You don't deserve a PnP your alliance 28 players yet you can't even double my BP klet alone compete with an alliance the size of PV. Fail attempts at slandering our alliance nope just pointing out irony because most of your PnPs are about people doing noob attacks but the first time we came across your alliance in-game we see you guys are no better than the rest of us.

really i always thought if your troops don't return home it constitutes as a failed attemp, I guess we do learn something new everyday. So anyone looking to see failed attempts shouldn't look inside the spoilers there are obviously no failed attempts in there.




Can't argue with that


of course he did :rolleyes: that's why when these reports came in before my CS landed all his troops were nowhere to be seen

They were not in his main

or his second

not in his third either


those might look like his troops but they actually belong to the only other active player on that who has a 700 point city.

Okay lets for get the biremes what about the lack of land troops that would have got eatan by the militia alone behid level 25 wall. Sneak in what dude? we have been sending round the clock attacks on the guy depriving him from sleep days, who did you think knocked down his wall? Whatever dude that city I took is surrounded by AIA memebers all I am gonna say is come get some.

Disclaimer: I did not train the Justin Bieber, pyth casted it on me coz he thinks he is all funny. I sent it at skyla to suicide it but that noob paniced and dodged, then I sent it at ladasha only to find out she is a fan. I have been sending out on attacks but that little shyt just don't die.

I'm appalled, sacmaster and ice-cold are great players, amazing fighters, they've killed 10 Pikachu's, but the can't kill on little Bieber, you want till I get my hands on him. Meet me round at the Quarry, 10 o'clock, bring.... a... COFFIN!


You just can't kill Justin Bieber hehe... Hahaha

P.S. I dodged your Bieber attack since he isn't exactly a fan of New Zealand ---> South Auckland: having had his hat stolen there when he visited hehe, poor kid....I ain't a fan...Yet ;)
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so new zealand has (D) 1000 against bieber. Im lucky to be me. ( All Love-singers must die, REVERSE BEAR TRAP!!!)