King Soos

The DNA was requested 17:00 agreed by pandas 17:20 look at the time of the HC

Pandas are going to honour DNA
and do you see who owns 45 k2 now?
Kaybar still this cs was pulled after TOD came online and saw the message from skip that kaybar was in hospital etc.
So pls do try and explain the issue with that?

King Soos

I would also like to show that after the DNA was put out we took 0 of kaybar's cities pulling all of our cs's as we said.
However I just want to point out although you are allowed to but you did claim to honour the DNA...
17.05.2019, 11:40 Coletran
Sorcerers of Kleos
17.05.2019, 09:12 iBrad
Sorcerers of Kleos

This shows 2 cs's landed at 21:12 and 23:40 a good 4/5 hours after the DNA was sent out.


Does anyone remember me? Hrdinajr, also White Squall in other earlier worlds, with Eviction Notice, Gods of War, and several others like some group that had something to do with fluffy or fluffernutters (they won the world) and This Is A Mistake . P.S. Coletran quit this world so your CS landed luckily. You won't EVER get one into Brad's city again.... ;)