Time to say goodbye grepolis ;(

Admiral Naji

I knew a day like this will come, where I will have to say those words,
" Its my turn this time, real life got me, time to say good bye grepolis " :rolleyes:

I always play 110% or don't play, that is me, and 110% if way too much weight for my real life to carry. Thats why I am not leaving lindos only, I am leaving grepolis.

Been a pleasure playing with and against you all, enemies or friends, we all had our differences but the love for this is game is something that will always unite us.

Wish everyone good luck here and in real life.



We all know it happens Life bites us in the butt and we have to take care of it, been fun reading your stuff in the forum and seeing some of your fights, Good luck in Rl


Good luck mate, sorry u are leaving, we had nice start of fights, and pleasure to meat trough various mutual minor attacks. Keep same passion from game in life and explode :D


I didn't always agree with your point of view and wish we could have gone to battle against one another but will admit that what I have seen is nothing but 110% passion for your alliance and the game.

Good luck and all the best to you in RL


Woah... Was definitely not expecting this but the time is right with PGM players going inactive and ghosting left and right. Good luck in real life Naji. Lol, I don't think we have ever seen eye to eye but I respect you as a competitor and as a personality. Bring the same passion and emotion to the real world that you brought to Grepolis and the sky is the limit. Would have liked to have seen you as an ally and not an enemy but it is what it is. I tip my hat off to you Naji, you were one of the best personalities in Lindos... Our server will never be the same.


"Life every man holds dear; but the dear man holds honor far more precious dear than life."
William Shakespeare

Best of luck my friend. You will be sadly missed.

king deepu

we have had a good relationship in Game .. but not in personal :)
Anyway wish you all the very best in RL and i hope we will meet in game sometime someday :)))).
maybe after 10-20 yrs who know ;)

King of Noobs


Its a shame you're leaving. Like many who were your enemy in game we had great fun winding you up and poking fun at you. You took it well (when you knew about it) and made Grepolis so much more enjoyable to play. I hope your RL turns out the way you want it and wish you the best of luck.

Now, Sim City isnt as good as Grepolis so hope to see you return one day.

Some say he blinks sideways, and always washes his left hand first - all we know is he's called Uncle Naj.

Take care.


You enriched Grepolis in your own way. Balance of real life and Grep is a delicate matter. Its a mixture of practice and wisdom.
I must tell you how I envision this matter. The balance comes with leaving the game and returning to it, with ghosting 100 cities accounts and disbanding #1 alliance. Time works in your favor.
We will meet again, somewhere,our paths will cross again.

Your never leaving friend,