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my top 12 was deleted D: xD,
my top 3 (sorry i didn't have a ton of time)
1 Semper Fi SWIM
lack of opponents i am used to everyone teaming up on the top team but eh, they are just kinda hugging from what i can see

2 Just For Laughs SWIM
they are quite aggressive having the whole world picking on them, not a ton of members. I think they might win

3 the vanguard FLOAT then SINK
have a bit of a noob factor here, bad core. not much more to be said, when another alliance comes they will sap their top members and kill of the rest. as usual on grep wars
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TOP 12 + ALBI's bet

2 Just For Laughs SWIM 4
3 the vanguard FLOAT 20
4 Frosted Charms SWIM 5
5 =Terror= SINK 200
6 Super Pink Death Star FLOAT 12
7 ThePlague FLOAT 15
9 Phantom Knights FLOAT 30
10 Grepo Alcoholics SINK 150
12 The Protectorate SINK 900


21 Frosted Poodle Charmer SINK

@Semajoes. will pay bets
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1. Semper FI - Although we are not friends, I like this team. They have trampled on all enemies that have faced them and made the Poodles quit. If they continue to expand into 55, I believe in order for them to continue swiming they must become subservient to Super Pink Death Star, as they would stand no chance against them in an all out war. However, if they choose to assist the dying Frosted Charms fend off JFL, well the outcome is obvious. SWIM

2. Just for Laughs - We are god tier, nuff said really. FLY

3. Frosted Charms - . Where do I start? This alliance began this world looking extremely healthy, things looked great for them. Albeit, this might have been because they avoided fights in the initial stages by recruiting key members of alliances they were faced with and then feeding on the remaining demoralized members. Frosted Charm's demise began when Cadapiter refused to order his member to pull his/her CS out of JFL's internal. This was not taken lying down by Charlie and he went straight to war without a moments hesitation. Since this war began, you couldn't count on 1 hand then number of people that have quit or been rimmed inside this team. They have reached out to ThePlague and managed to solidify a pact, I believe they are also trying to get Semper on board with forming a coalition to fight us (a 17 player alliance) which is laughable. The only thing keeping this team barely alive is the the fact JFL are fighting on several fronts. SINK

4. Terror - They are just yummy food. Eat them whilst hot. SINK

5. Super Pink Death Star - I like this team. They easily crush any team in 55/45. I would love to work with them one day or fight them. Either works for me

6. the vanguard - Uhhhhhhh, these guys are alright I guess. Much better than Frosted Charms that's for sure. Uh, yeah, you guys keep doing your thing!

7. The Plague - SINK

8. Phantom Knights - Losing to Grepo Alcoholics . Therefore... SINK

9. Dokkaebi - Please give this team their due respect. Sandwiched between Frosted Charms & The Plague but still standing strong. SWIM

10. Grepo Alcoholics - Oh, god. Fighting this team has been an absolute nightmare. Sadly, Charlie has put me on this front, which means I have to fight these guys. Their top members are just a bunch of spammers who look for any reason to start spamming. I was catapult spammed for 3 days straight by one of them and was threatened by one of the leaders as he believed attacking every few hours to check whether he online was 'spamming'. He clearly has never been spammed before. They began running to rim because they were scared, but we diverted our attention to Frosted and since then they have used that to their advantage and restarted expanding in 54. They're just little insects waiting to be crushed tbh. SINK
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You get what you deserve ;)
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Winning a war and making your founder as well as multiple members ghost? Enjoying sinking and running to the biggest alliance for any sort of help while you do it.
You did not make me ghost (guess who this is hahaha)

Big ole boy cannot stand my old city names. Poor thing

New Top 12

1 Semper....who knows. I hope they beat charlie

2 Do not remember hwo this is...I assume the alliance that gets triggered based on city names and pretends to be honorable. SINK

Everyone idea. probably will not win so just wait for spam from one of the Top 2.


Do we tho? Btw JFL your best friend DOK seems to be running into VM. what happened, y’all in an argument or something?


"With great power comes great responsibility"

now he must deal with it... such a dead forum