Top 12 Top 12 alliances and views

Were sending res but we have 4 of their wonders broken
Well not yet but soon.
I would say we need another three days before Phoenix or triad is declared the victor. Probably gonna be triad but I have seen more ridiculous things happen.
Either way I'll have a congratulations PnP planned out to celebrate this world for wasting two years of my life and it's other achievements. Please help find some cool achievements unique to the world.


You know cheater when you said your a spammer made me think; appreciate your efforts to keep these forums alive.

Tell AP his comment about it being "tear drops in the rain" was fantastic; brought a very nostalgic moment to my day; respect.

Billy for having a gold budget of 25k a day is an achievement takes alot to drop my jaw and I spend alot of gold ha

Today was in excess of 1 million BP from the siege, great show from all sides.


Top 12 Alliances - Feel free to comment on who you think will yet win!

Rank Name Points
1 Phoenix - 71994008 Points
2 Triad - 20991505 Points
3 United Mates Of Gaul - 1717449 Points
4 The Immortals. - 1578633 Points
5 The Lonely Pooper - 1102191 Points
6 Alone Game Over - 974545 Points
7 Hoof Hearted - 526417 Points
8 Home Land Security - 357109 Points
9 Smokin Nutters - 226110 Points
10 The Headless Chickens - 192113 Points
11 Peaceful Invaders - 167366 Points
12 unknown quantity - 135850 Points
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OK that is an insane amount of gold lol. Billy is basically a sponsor for this game :p.

Dust I appreciate you trying to increase activity here but it's really down to Phoenix and Triad and only Phoenix and triad players even view this forum and they'll just say themselves.


the reason he wanted you to stay out was cause this is COD's spamming section...spam spam spam and increase his post count without the muffin man noticing :eek: