Top 12 Top 12 alliances and views


Sebi after Oropos lets all the Athens crews and a few friends we made here move to a new speed 2 server eh


So now it is 10 June 2014. Time for a new top 12. Any prognostictors now?
Rank Name
---- -------------------------
1 Rebirth
2 Triad
3 United Forces
4 The Immortals.
5 Relentless
6 The Lonely Pooper
7 Smokin Nutters
8 Mates First
9 Shadows of Gaul
10 igneous umbrage
11 The Avex Empire
12 alone 144551
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No one has a comment on the Top 12? I'll post a little more detail. Maybe it's looking to be a slam dunk for #1 but I wouldn't count on it.
I've posted the top 14 because I heard a rumor about some mergers:


Not plane, nor bird, nor even frog,
Just little old me... Underdog.


Wlod your alive!!
Yeah mate, Sorry to ditch you guys in Oropos, had some RL issues with moving continents. As usual I see you are doing a good job leading the guys in Oropos with the other leaders of Triad. Good luck in the WW race.

Please please win the race to 4 WW this time lol. I know simmers reach there first and looking at Oropos map there are some hardcore simmers here man.


thats up for debate tho, nikazar had a ww town undersiege while they got the award, so having all 7 at 1 time is still a topic of whats control.


No doubt they had us by the you know whats, best damn faught over server ive seen, not like these last few servers i play where everyone just merges and kills it off, we faught tooth and nail to see who was best, at the end triad was just much more active as a collective.