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At the risk of this thread being locked,I think we should just have a general top 12 alliances discussion and opinions thread for everyone to give their opinion on the top 12 so here it goes.
Current Top 12:

1.The Pack-Not bad a start. Technically the most aggressive little bunch at the moment. They seem to be doing quite well(although I'm expecting they'll be throwing out their worst members any day now;if they don't then that'l just make them look bad). The fact that they made a branch off/acadamy or whatever it is kinda put them down a little though,there was not real need for that. Their average points is the best in the top 15 which speaks for itself. If they get a good game plan they have potential.

2.ONE*-They've got some good members in there but they've mra'd quite a bit as well. Their average pts is also not bad and they're a quite fightsty bunch.If they kick out those inactives they have and get a game plan they have potential like the pack

3.Hacienda-I was sorta expecting more of these guys when I saw their premade to be honest(a bit more elite and awesome looking). But they seem to have grabbed a lot of guys who they don't need like the top 2. Their average points is ok. They're not as aggressive as they could potentially be at the moment. Still,I think they have a few surprises up their sleeve.

4.Phalanx Power-It doesn't look amazing with pretty much half of their members below 1000 pts,but that's that. Their abp is also rather low.I'm not expecting much of these guys. I think they won't get far to be honest. They'll waddle around for a bit before it comes to the point where the more aggressive noobs come and snatch up their decent players and they'll run around like headless chickens. However,on the other side,these guys are rollin' in the dbp,which is either good or bad(can't really tell) so there is a good attribute. But overall,I just don't see it in them,but I can be wrong.

5.Elite TW-Shadow-Pretty much same as no.4 except without the dbp and the I can be wrong. I really just don't see these guys as competitors.

6.Beta Pack-Academy alliance,not gonna say any more.

7.Titans-This is not looking good at all I'd say.Poor average pts(second worst). Barely any abp. Might as well pack up their bags now,because I see these guys going very soon.

8.Knights of Glory-Very much the same as the titans

9. BAMFs-This is looking not bad. They have a decent average. However I don't see them on the attackers or defenders list. I can't bring much of an opinion up of them.Like all of these alliances,truth will be told later on.

10.ETERNITY-I'm looking at these guys and thinking they have some good potential. With a decent average and not to bad aggressive wise,these guys could come far somewhat. Maybe I'm wrong,but I see these guys as an elite alliance if they're getting the right leading and are being aggressive and active.

11.Scorpion Elite Forces-Worst average of the lot and it is very poor. Pretty much the same as titans

12.Project Origin-I'm not sure about these guys. Their average is not the best but it will suffice. Their abp is alright. Can't bring about much of an opinion about them. Like no.9 all will be revealed in time.

If I'm seeing stats wrong or whatever make sure to correct me as I'm feeling a bit dozy. But those are just my thoughts of the top 12.

Please everyone post your opinions of the top 12.
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read the profile...... means to act as one :)
not many ppl do their own things
I tend to like team work


i think fire was a little rude on the ratings they all have potential they are the top 12 in this case shouldve watch for another day or 2 before posting to get a better look at their situations and what not :p



trouble with top12 this early in a 100cap server is that the top12 are rarely the top12 !!

Keeps people busy while making stuff to get killed though I guess.



1. The Pack, 169500, 98, 1730
2. ONE*, 139863, 92, 1520
3. Phalanx Power, 104364, 90, 1160
4. Hacienda, 98375, 74, 1329
5. Beta Pack, 87760, 59, 1487
6. Elite TW-Shadow, 85605, 69, 1241
7. Knights of Glory, 48295, 50, 966
8. Pink Fluffy Bunnies, 45100, 31, 1455
9. Titans, 44386, 54, 822
10. Scorpion Elite Forces, 42958, 56, 767
11. Wanted, 39973, 45, 888
12. BAMFs, 38486, 28, 1375


Top 12's: The Pact, ONE*, Hacienda, Beta Pack, Pink Fluffy Bunnies, and BAMPs

Not top 12's: Titans, Elite TW-Shadows, Knights of Glory, Scorpion Elite Forces

Toss up's: Wanted, Phalanx Power

+ Rep if you mostly agree with the list comment if you don't
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I think Knights of glory will stay

They have a strong army



The Pact is not in the top 12 however The Pack is :)

The Pact is its own alliance and is much lower in the rankings :p


I'll give it a shot...

1. The Pack- Good members, best average, highest in abp and third and dbp. Mostly based in ocean 55. The recent making of an academy Best alliance by far, but they will be thrown over like all the others eventually.

2. ONE*- Third highest average, sold base in ocean 45, most of the other in ocean 44. Have the second highest abp and sixth in dbp. However, to be on top they'll have to go to war with TP, and I don't know if they can pull that off.

3. Phalanx Power- Pretty good average, however appear to be pretty MRA. They have four founders and have the most dbp and only fifth in abp. Should drop out once conquest starts.

4. Beta Pack- Academy for TP. Not much else to say except for that they'll fall with TP or have to break away from them.

5. Hacienda- Best premade alliance so far, however they are lacking the really high ranked players and are spread out in all four center oceans. Not helping that their recruiter has left. Same situation in bp as PP, however if slobo.c is as good as he says he is, he could make them last.

6. Elite TW-Shadow- Definitely and MRA. Low bp and to many low point players. Should make easy bp.

7. Pink Fluffy Bunnies- Second best average and high in bp. Mostly based in ocean 55 and 5-8 members in other oceans. They can go far.

8. Knights of Glory- While they are number one in ocean 54, they have one of the lowest averages and are 25th in abp and I'm 100% sure they are MRA. I'll be surprised if they last another week.

9. Titans- Mostly in ocean 55, and while they are higher in abp that KoG (20th) they still have members with only 250 points and have the second lowest average. They are bound to fall.

10. Scorpion Elite Forces- Rim alliance, most members in oceans 65, 64, and 66. Seems like the worst MRA, but they are a rim so give them a little more time to grow.

11. Wanted- Sister alliance to ONE*. Not much to say about them except they are more prove that ONE* is in TP's shadow.

12. BAMFs- While they have a high average and rule ocean 44, they are 17th in abp and if they want to stay in the game they need to change that.

Sorry if this is messed up, my first time and I don't have grepostats to use. Hope you all enjoy :).


I can see The Pack pulling a Krypteia from Tau. Mass Recruiting while having reasonable stats, then trimming the fat to allow for more organized play. However I'll put my money on them splitting.


A lot of them have joined Pink Fluffy Bunny. ;) I welcome them.