Top 12 Top 12 Sink or Swim


I do enjoy conversations between players.

I can see quite a few alliances who will sink and many more forced to swim. The fun part is who is right and misinformed in this public forum


Thanks for staying on the ground.
If you think an alliance will fall or rise due to one player,then you are totally mistaken.
This is a morale world,and this is unfortunate-lots of good players may quit just because of that.
In the end,like in every other server,you will see the reduction of good players,but right now I can list you tens of players that I have personally seen playing(not rumours-have seen them myself),and let us hope they will never be under the same flag-since the rest will have a hard time to survive!
Even in most of even those who may sink by the day!
Let us respect this talents.
No need to make the "proffesor".


Wow... Just... Wow.

I thought I wrote some garbage at times,but nothing I repeat NOTHING I have ever written is as bad as this utter drivel. Biased assessments, Inaccurate asessments, actually just plain dumb assessments.

If you didn't write this deliberately for the purposes of annoying the other alliances you need to take a long hard look at yourself mate. :p

Tbf, his name is -Spqr- that alone should be enough to disregard his judgement. I wonder when that name will show up in the alliance list.

1. Usual suspects - good roster of experienced people I have heard of. Swim.
2. Coming soon - another good roster of EN affiliated players. I doubt they're taking this world seriously, but for now swim.
3. FruitLoop Troop - Baudin's awesome.
4. Danish Division - I don't know enough about them to comment.
5. The Hammer - no idea whatsoever.
6. Inferno - these guys will swim.
7. Crimson Rebels - no idea
8. Alpha et Omega - no idea
9. Illuminati - I remember the Gamma Illuminati. If it was those guys swim. As for the new Illuminati. Sink.
10. Immortal Empire - no idea
11. Legion of Death - no idea
12. Spartans - can we banish the use of this name to room 101? Thank you.
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1.The Usual Suspects
2.Coming Soon

The first alliance will be First in Average points but this will not be enough to winn agains Erik's alliance


I think you will get another crown here...
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I hear Susies are struggling a bit to subdue a small alliance,AG III.
A thrill of sacmaster marked this up to now friendly alliance to them ,red.
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As of now three alliances seems to have academies - Inferno, Danish Division and Coming Soon.

Does anybody know any other academies?


Man.... You guys are going to get us shut down again... :p


Decided to have a go at writing a top 12

1. The Usual Suspects, - Good points total and leading in Attacking battle points had a good start to the server, already dominating ocean 45 and doesn’t seem like anyone there can challenge them – Swim
2. Coming Soon – looks like they have a lot of experience in there ranks, decent point average but not as good as the rest of top 4 , 3rd in attacking battle points this needs to improve, but early in game still, spread across both 54/55 and not dominating either yet, so could have wars on several fronts coming up, also have coming later as some kind of connected alliance I'm assuming– Float.
3. Fruit Loop Troop – No1 in defensive battle points, so maybe already under attack on a few fronts? Good average points, but not so good on the attacking front yet, though they do seem to have a good lead in 44 . Swim
4. Danish Division – looking strong in 55 with support from Danish Support Division (academy alliance or wing?) but no one is dominating that Ocean yet. – Alliance do look strong with wars to come to test that for now – Float.
5. Inferno – Low average points, not looking good on battle points yet and don’t look like they have much chance of dominating 44, early game so could prove me wrong. Sink
6. Crimson rebels, - in a three way battle for Ocean 54, which I don’t think they can come out of on top, I don’t know much about them but at the minute they don’t look up to it. Sink
7. The Hammer – They don’t look particularly strong and are in Ocean 45 so I can’t see them surviving against The usual Suspects. Sink
8. Brutal attack - no 2 in attack and defense, good average points. Used to be the Gang but have bounced back more ‘low key,’ and without the members that just joined alliance for ‘safety’’. Have a battle for 55 on the cards but one that its possible to win. Swim..
9. Alpha Et Omega- located in 54 which is an interesting place to be located, couple of alliances’ to take on there, Crimson Rebels, I think they look stronger then and Coming Soon are spread across two oceans, so maybe they have a chance. Float
10. Illuminati – They don’t look particularly strong and are 3rd in Defensive points, so may already be under heavy attack, they also seem to be distributed across 3 oceans, so not clear to see where they will try to dominate. Sink
11. Legion of Death. I don’t know much about them, but the average points/battle points are about where they should be for a 1oth placed alliance, may struggle to establish a core though. Sink
12. Spartans – Good average points, but poor battle points, makes them look a bit like simmers, in Ocean 45 – which probably isn’t a good place to sim. Its early game though so maybe I’m being unfair for now. Sink


Wing, academy, sister, brother, blah blah blah. Its all the same.

Indeed. MRA, it's the way things are done now. We can argue the reasons why such play isn't MRA. But in essence it amounts to the same thing. I'm not hating though. EN changed things. For better or for worse, these MRAlike alliances will never go away. So good luck to them if they can successfully orchestrate these huge alliances as a cohesive force, they deserve props.


Feel free not to stop at middle school and aim higher yourself

normaly dont do flaming but thats rich from the guys who is constantly breaking forum rules and getting threads locked.

anyway back on track i think the top 12 is bang on the money except LOD i think they look a good team

oh and do the danes have an academy as well ?

120 player limmit and academies seems excessive to me