Top 12 sink or swim


TOP 8! It seems kinda due since it is about to close so here it goes:

1. PANDA BEARS- the winners, the masters of the world. Alliance that was here from first days, and it changed a lot during this year, but it always kept going forward. Amazing diplomacy, amazing team skills, a lot of people working together, despite all of our differences, to one goal, persistence and trust in leadership really paid off.
We lost a lot of people during this year, but for the ones present, I'll just mention some and they know hugs and kisses go to all equally:
langer1-amazing ww guidance
bizzybonz- designated target for ww break, which he skillfully defended not once but twice, with over 700 incoming attacks each time, cap down!
Udhata- the best player I had pleasure to play with, force to be reckon with, our true queen
blackfury-amazing sieges, and so much energy
Maroccus-well what to say, our rock, defense, offense -he has it all
Aethilla-amazing founder and leader, lady and great manager of all of us :) , nerves of steel...and it wasn't easy.

Guess just deadly cute! Totally biased here.

2. DEATH RIDE- latest merge of all the merges, a real mixture of alliances ( ROD, DEATH WATCH, THEPLAGUE), guess they did well since they are finishing the world as 2nd placed alliance. Don't know much about them but I'll mention some of the players:

TJ KANIBEN- gossip says great leader, excellent defensive player, can play both revolt and conquest, good to have in your corner
kikirikimiki- number one attacker, congratulations!
blondie2.1-amazing sniper, fighter, supporter while she played

3. BEAR PANDAS- also went through lot of changes, name changes (GREY BEAR may be the most memorable) 3rd placed, they moved to en107, if they stayed actively till the end, stats would be different. A lot of great players but special mention goes to
taigalvan-energetic leadership, daily mm to all members of coalition, and always takes time to chat a bit, a person you can count on

4. LEGION XIII- somewhere, built all 7 wonders, even had some ww break attempts, guess you don't know if you don't try. Their operators are not very helpful though, so don't try contacting them in any case of grepo need. I really hope they built their empires the way they wanted them.

5. THE WOLF PACK- only most persistant remained standing, great ally while they played.

6 . THE NEW 34- or what is left of DRUNKEN UNICORNS, they are finishing the world like they wanted to, good job guys.

7. GOATS OF WAR- the coolest name, and I am not saying that just because of my goat bestie, top 8, congrats!

8. MORTS HUGGING CLUB- congrats, and I have to mention
Party Possum-number 2 defender-congratulations, and like it or not one of the most interesting players this server had to offer, Pandas gave her good dbps, one way or the other :)

This world gave me many sleepless nights and I can't say I am sorry it is over, because I am not. But looking back, it was fun, it was interesting, educational and nerve wrecking at times.

Congratulations to all who have fought, played and participated, happy hunting in the future for those who choose to continue playing!
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Won't comment about the server as it was a clown fiesta lol....Well played to everyone, It was fun, and thanks for the mention QS. Have fun in the future everyone