Top 12 sink or swim


Angels of hell with their russian friends are backdooring us as we take WP cities. :( Taking cities far from our main core.

Looks like we're going to have to hand some punishment down soon ;). They're the first ones to take an active players city from us too, so much respect there!

if they think this shitty ally and their "organization" is a swim.. then call me a newbie..
thanks to wolf for giving me 12 k DBP in single night.


Hahah nice! The first city we took from WP got our alliance 30k DBP which was hilarious.


Ooo can we get some intel on this? Looks like Last Order broke up and became Joyous Rage... the Top 12 changed a lot in the past few days, a new top 12 maybe? :D


Edit: New Dawn and Plague both have sister/academies now, with Intentionally punny joining Plague's sister.
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Anyone want to make a top 12 a lot of things have changed


Considering that changes in alliance survivals on the rim are far quicker than in core oceans in most cases.. will see how long Wolf Pack survives if alliances around them band together to tame them..

Hows that going now? ;)


Holy crap! Big changes with New Dawn, dropping to #5, Wolf Pack rising to #4 and Grey Bear hitting #3!

From what I can see so far a large amount of New Dawn members are heavily inactive:

and they've been dropping players:

A large amount of New Dawn players have jumped over to Grey Bear and some haven't joined any alliance yet - could this be a precursor to a potential heated war between Plague and Grey?


Well since I'm waiting for Aristotle to get his lazy self to one of my cities, might as well do a top 12. I joined this world a few months late, so don't get mad when I start talking and you realize I have no idea what I'm saying:


1). ThePlague (Blue):
ABP: 10,193,898
DBP: 5,354,280
Total BP: 15,548,131

Yes I am going to comment on my own alliance because I am that pompous of a human being. Hands down the alliance with everyone's least favorite name. We don't even have a picture. We've heard all the complaints before, but hey we're still number one in every category in the rankings. It will be interesting to see how the rest of the server plays out with our recent expansion to a second alliance (even though we weren't the first to do this by far), but we have a pretty solid core and excellent leaders. We are currently at war with: the world.

2). Grey Bear (Brown):
ABP: 1,800,496
DBP: 1,290,289
Total BP: 3,090,787

Number two alliance in the world, but their battle point ranking are straight butt cheeks in comparison. That could be from being a relatively newly formed alliance. Judging from their position, I'd imagine they are at war with New Dawn, but have also taken in several New Dawn players. If they decide to move west and continue taking in New Dawn players, they could potentially end up fighting with ThePlague. I don't know about their relations with The Wolf Pack or Relentless or much about them at all really. They could be a contender when world wonders hit, but I doubt they've had a real challenge fighting so far since New Dawn is in shambles.

3). The Wolf Pack (Red):
ABP: 2,247,932
DBP: 1,197,811
Total BP: 3,445,743

Seem to be doing better than Grey Bear bp-wise, but still not great for a number three alliance. They appear to be fighting rim alliances? I'm not sure really I don't get out of my neck of the woods very often, but I haven't heard anything of them which doesn't make them very impressive to me. At least not yet. Could be good, could be bad, only time can tell...or anyone who is more educated than I.

4). LAELAPS (Dark Red):
ABP: 7,229,809
DBP: 5,195,788
Total BP: 12,425,597

Trouble in paradise for the conglomerate of greek mythological animals? Despite their good stats in bp, they have dropped in the rankings due to the formation of a new alliance: Ride or Die. They appear to have lost some of their more active players. I guess they had issues with the leadership. This could just be some minor drama, but it doesn't look good for laelaps going forwards if this persists.

5). Panda-monium (Purple):
ABP: 6,812,126
DBP: 4,070,724
Total BP: 10,882,850

In the words of some people in laelaps:"All the pandas can do is drive low morale CS'". After beating The Ways of Shadows I haven't heard much about them other than complaints. Even if the complaints are true and Pandas are cheesing their way into cities (which I have no problem with it's part of the game), they appear to be in good shape. Good abp and dbp for their size, and they have a sister academy in Ex-Panda-Bles. They seem to be gearing up for wonders way ahead of time, as are many other alliances.

6). EPIC Riot (Yellow):
ABP: 1,644,914
DBP: 987,151
Total BP: 2,632,067

I literally just don't even know what's going on here. Is the third installment of the EPIC series? Fourth? I missed everything with them in the beginning of the world, but they seem to just be having a whale of a time on the rim. Could be a lot better bp wise. I just don't see anything really big happening here, but I could be very wrong. Apparently them and the players in Phalanx had a little break up so we'll see how that plays out.

7). Relentless (Dark Blue):
ABP: 3,558,420
DBP: 1,580,179
Total BP: 5,138,599

Compared to some the other alliances in the top 12 they have decent stats when it comes to bp. Unfortunately, I don't know much about them but they appear to be taking cities off of Ex-Panda-Bles, rogue bunnies, and The Wolf Pack so color me impressed in that area. I have high hopes for them just because they seem to be putting in work. Maybe I'll hear more about them in the future.

8). Ex-Panda-Bles (Purple):

ABP: 1,573,173
DBP: 1,087,388
Total BP: 2,660,608

Same as Panda-Monium above.

9). New Dawn (Pink):
ABP: 7,511,523
DBP: 4,651,857
Total BP: 12,163,380

Oh New Dawn, what happened to you? Who hurt you this way? Was it your leader messijoshi who abandoned you? Was it your lack of active players? They had lots of promise and are still being carried on the back of players like Sib and Goldfisch, but they are losing cities and players quickly. They are done.

10). Joyous Rage (Light Green):
ABP: 1,744,613
DBP: 1,093,537
Total BP: 2,839,852

A massive nuisance of an alliance. They are really nothing to write home about. They have several players whp are very good and a good leader in Batalo, but I just don't see this war with ThePlague/ThePlague2 turning out well despite the pacts and assistance of Friends Only and The Golden Horde. It's about even in city losses and gains for both sides currently, but that is expected as both sides get geared up for war, shift active and inactive players around, and move players to the front. Will be a fun war and interesting to see how this plays out.

11). ThePlague2 (Light Blue):
ABP: 712,466
DBP: 479,659
Total BP: 1,192,125

Combination of players from Intentionally Punny and New Dawn. Same as ThePlague above, it's a real pleasure to be playing with everyone in this alliance and they're an amazing addition to the family.

12). Angels of Hell (Green):
ABP: 1,887,258
DBP: 1,923,818
Total BP: 3,811,076

Haven't heard much about them (I know it's the theme of my top 12), but I have been in many worlds with them and they always do well. A very tight knit group of active players and I am always impressed by them.

The Alliances as body parts:
ThePlauge/ThePlague2: The head (running the show...I apologize for my cockiness)
Grey Bear: The liver (takes care of waste)
The Wolf Pack: The Pinky Toe (because I guess we need them to balance everything else out?)
LAELAPS/Teumessian Fox: The kneecap (because one more torn ligament could mean an end to them walking and by that I mean winning the world sorry I'm running out of analogies)
Panda-monium/Ex-Panda-Bles: The arms (they're putting in work)
EPIC Riot: The appendix (because I have no idea what they do)
Relentless: The nose (they're there but you never see them unless you purposefully put all of your attention on you know how your eyes just kinda tune out your nose? You know what I'm saying)
New Dawn: the tailbone (because you're just a remainder of something that use to be useful)
Joyous Rage: the armpit (they remind a lot of what it must've been like in the Vietnam war. Hot, humid, and even though they've taken so many L's they just keep coming)
Angels of Hell: cankles (because even if you don't want them, there's a high chance you get them)
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Just a heads up, you mislabeled The Wolf Pack, on your map Wolf Pack is actually Red and Angels of Hell are Green! Pretty good top 12 though!

Wolf Pack is actually one of the newer alliances, coming from a bunch of mergers along the line, hence its low BP.


Also the Wolfpack never lost any cities to relentless as far as I'm aware allthough I may be mistaken.


:( rip New Dawn Had great leadership And lots of helpfull players. Ehem where Dafuq am i supposed to go when i Get home?