Top 12 sink/swim

My bad, i just saw the word crazy in both names and assumed they could be together. Good luck knights, you seem to have a strong team

If I remember well (and I do) I took quite a few cities from you alone, for the other dozen I only had 1 or 2 people helping me by landing clearing snipes
Hugging is when alliances all NAP/Pact each other instead of kicking the doo doo out of each other.. A sad pathetic way to play, it makes me want to vomit. Unfortunately it happens a lot and in recent years teams who did that won.

Bring back the good old days of alliances like Independent (aka Indie). No NAPS, only the odd pact and a strong desire for the best to fight against the best..

PS.. I hardly recognise anyone here.. Bar Here's20bucksKillMe.. And Notmad. How's it going Bucky, Notmad?
Heavy fight on 110 going on right now, gonna be fun one I get set up there. Pissed off another founder, what a surprise.

Big Gay Dave

Brir whats up bud you back ? the proverbial bad penny my friend.. lol.

I had time to think about our previous strategy of fighting anyone who wants some, considered other alternatives and decided...

That that's the way we roll baby! so why change something that's SOOOO much fun?

Who u ridin with Ard?

Heavy fight on 110 going on right now, gonna be fun one I get set up there. Pissed off another founder, what a surprise.
Whaaat? You've been annoying peeps Bucky? I don't believe you mate.. :D


You don't know Russian well.
They do not sleep, all the time drinking vodka with bears playing the balalaika

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Big Gay Dave

Evil Bone Headz South opened, seems like we already have a 3 branch alliance
Yeah they do.. Could be a solid group of players used to playing as a bigger alliance so they need 3 here..

..Or they could be an MRA who recruit everyone.. Guess we'll see..


figured ill kill my boredom as i watch these chariots build...

1. Crazy Knights - My alliance no comment

2. Order and Chaos/Order and Kaos - Swim
BP rankings: #1 Fighter/#5 Defender/#1 Total

some solid players and some simmers... so far they have a good core on 44/45 border, i see them solidifying their core out of BP and controlling 44 as they will have some challenge with Ronin and BZC who are fairly decent crews.once they kill dead weight and become 1 full alliance they will last pretty long in this world

3. Evil Bone Headz/Evil Bone Headz II/Bone Headz South - Float then sink
BP rank #3 attacker/#2 Defender/#3 Total

Looks like a MRA but as far as core goes it is pretty solid. no real threat in 54 unless avengers is playing for real and maybe envemon in the future... once they start getting attacked from other alliances outside of 54 i see them folding, not really many good names atleast that i recognize.. will be interesting to see how they do a week from now

5. Legio Immortals - Sink
BP rank #10 attacker/#19 defender/#10 total

definatly not a premade, no core and are spread across 55, they will be food for Virus and other near by alliances out of BP, only way they survive is moving to the rim possibly, and they got kurbads in their alliance LOL... not gonna say much on that.

6. Ronin - Swim/Float
BP rankings: #4 Attackers/#12 Defenders/#5 Total

They are aligned close to order and chaos.. if they cant get a early aggresion on them then they will have a tough time fighting 2 alliances since they wont have alot of food to eat except behind them unless they expand south,,, they have a good core with some great players along with a few questionable players... but a good squad, their performance against OaC will determine their outcome.

7. -RF- - Swim
BP rankings: #7 Attackers/#1 Defender/#6 Total

Russian alliance located along 44/54 border.. they look like they can have potential... they got alot of cities around them they can take and expand their core.. if they take the first move on BZC i feel they can win that war as BZC is right under them, but if they let BZC grow it might turn out pretty bad.. id say apply the pressure early :p core is decent.. kinda spread but all in the same area

8. VIRUS - Swim
BP rankings: #6 attackers/#11 Defender/#7 Total

no real compretition in 55 untill they eventually expand to alien sheep which will be good to watch, they have plenty of room to expand and plenty of food in 55.. id say the only thing that can keep this alliance from swimming early on is getting ba... nvm

10. Crazy Bears - Swim
BP rankings: #9 Attackers/#8 Defenders/#9 Total

well this alliance is smart taking the time to spawn in 64 and being the only alliance for many hours.. only down fall i can see is the lack of cities and troops for them to kill.. will be interesting how this alliance does as it pushes towards the core oceans

11. Rising Dragons - Float then sink
BP #12 Attackers/#16 Defenders/#13 Total

this alliance is in 45, pretty spread around its core, they have us above them and Virus to the right of them.. they have a few good names that will put up a fight but in the long run i dont see them winning any wars unless they expand to the rim.