Trash Talk


Okay lets talk some trash.

Whats the word on the street? Every top team pacted together yet? Planning for that wonder build?

Gotta get started early if you guys wanna ruin the server by August.

Heres one from my own recent experience. Its free. The next one will cost you:

"Had he not suffered unscathed the fearful dooms of all the offended gods, of all the histories, fire, brimstone, and yawning earthquakes, plague, and pestilence? Had he not stood, like the Pompeian sentry, while the Citadels of the Plain fell to ruin about his ears?"

Evelyn Waugh, Decline and Fall.


So far no major pacting up as i know of at least not in the same scale as in Nagidos which is only a big plus!


You know my sight on things mate :) hate those damn mass pacts - aint gonna happen.

I know perfectly well you will do your job on keeping it interesting. I have no doubt.

I am although sceptical of others. But hey gotta have hope for one server lol


So...not a lot of trash talking going on here.....Is this 1 of those worlds were everyone hugs n kisses to get by ?.....:eek:


there's more than one thread bearing the title, so it may get a little confusing, but generally, there's a TT thread for each server respectively, or at least, there should be?

The only problem some of them experience is cross server chatter, rather than keeping the TT to activity in the particular server the thread is for, aaaand some people, mods included, don't seem to like that.




But pacts can be used strategically. If you have a single pact that may be beneficial to both alliances

Ya but if you make a huge deal about how pure you play the game, then don't make a lot of small dumb pacts and pass yourself off as a master diplomat. Don't have multi branches of simmers.

And while you are at it, don't make a huge deal about beating some third tier team, especially when you were not even the ones that put in the work.

Don't be scrubs, in other words.


But pacts can be used strategically. If you have a single pact that may be beneficial to both alliances

They definitely can.. I'm just not a fan of pacts.. My goal isn't to build WW's my goal is to attack people until the quit