Trash Talk

yeah thanks for pointing out i stated some hard facts. much appreciated :p

As your comment about me. lol i didnt jump ship.. i was forced out by 2 of the three founders and given a situation where i could not return and then when dealing with my mam in intensive care which they knew about!! i find out TF started hitting hitting my mates.. alls fair in love and war i guess and dont hold grudges.. they shouldnt either. Afterall i did give them fair warning and a period of time before i started which cannot be said for your little turncoates.

As for my morales hahaha.... why you think i said welcome to the club?

Come on sunshine, i played war games for a longtime.. you cant get me blushing that easy lol
Absolute lies. I've never met such a Walter Mitty character in all my time playing this game.

You're a poor man's imitation of the much smarter guy who hissed in your ear and persuaded you to join his merry bunch of huggers.

You complaining about half a dozen TF hitting you when you ran behind the skirts of golders at the first sign of danger to your pretty little cities tells me all I need to know. Hope FN give you an absolute hiding.
Oh, people that jump ship to attack their team mates? Sounds like something you would know everything about. The double standards and pure crap in your posts are mesmerizing.

There is no propaganda here. Just facts. That you can't deal with them is your problem and not mine.
I try not to double post, but if I could give this a megalike I would. No doubt this chump will have a different username in future servers having wrecked his reputation in this one.


haha i wondering when when the joke was going to rear his little legs.

You complaining about half a dozen TF hitting you when you ran behind the skirts of golders at the first sign of danger to your pretty little cities tells me all I need to know. Hope FN give you an absolute hiding.
Lol now that is funny, Do TF even own LAU... I mean the spoon fed guy brought in to destroy PLR. a Big impact you made and as for the above wow o wow... that fairy tail is pretty funny,

I mean i get it... spread some warped version of your own imagination and hope your words stick but you and me both know i ran no where and no matter who you get on here to prop up your little fib, we will always know the real truth. (mine)

Lol my reputation haha, all who played with me know the real truth and as for rep.... delluded beliefs of what others think of you and aint worth writting home about!

Anyways back to game or i can see how this will go haha.

Look forward to fighting yall in near future ;)


These are FACTS. TFs 2 best players, you Khaos and one other.. . Switched sides and started attacking your ex-teammates, and trash talking them on the externals. Who said this and who did that really didnt matter. Those are the facts.

Despite 4 alliances against one.... and being relentlessly attacked from all sides... TF are still here. And that deserves a shout-out.

You of all people are in no position whatsoever to comment on alliance hopping, or troll others in game for switching sides. Its beyond laughable.

As for L2I and its 44 allies.... the leaders had sold out their alliance very early on with promised spots in PLRB for a couple of them for a crown. The plan was a 10 v 2 gangbang vs FN / VOD once they had "made TF ghost". Unfortunately.... the rest of the alliance werent aware of this "deal". .. and the end result is what you see... the implosion of L2I & Misfits when players found out the facts and made their own choice which side to pick.

Just like you made your choices.
Anyway back to the war... PLRB have some serious catching up to do right now.... so lets do the game do the talking :)


hey Lana i agree TF have some amazing players in there and still talk to many of them and definitely deserve a shout out although it been more like 10 players hitting them for best part.

As for the comments i am only having fun on a trash talking thread. I got respect for most of you really as those decision aint easy when people jump but gotta drum a little chaos up from time to time. I might not have much room to talk but hey gotta take this game with a pinch of salt.

win or lose, this is just a game and wish you all the best in up and coming game of digital data but out side of this wish you all the best in RL.

As for this so called war.. i mean its really early and FN jumped on a few players that are either awol or dont have much time to play. Good takes however and thats on us :)
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VoD about to sweep the world, whats their to talk about?

@KHAOS the time has come for our patience to bear fruit, all our planning, all our scheming time to unite donpspoopets and VoD. Not even the materpoopeteer could have seen this coming