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I will say that i've had fun playing grepolis through the years, but I have had enough of the bugs, the canned mod responses and the changes. It just simply isn't the same game and I don't find it as fun as I used to.

I will finish this world then say farewell to all the friends and 'foes' through the many worlds.

-Machida64, formally Elddor

Baudin Toolan

Grepolis Team
So I went back through and deleted the mess that this thread had become with the accusations of hacking being through around like free t shirts at a rock concert. Please keep to the forum rules guys, I'd appreciate it.


Baudin; I thought it was a pretty fair discussion to be honest; the player saying she had had troll accounts and such gave her version but she was quite fair contradicting her own alliance members accusing another alliance of some nefarious plot.

There was no need to delete it; do you not wonder why almost every person who ever had to deal with the moderators for this game have literally nothing good to say. There was no swearing, there was a few harsh words from sides and perhaps a little trolling with pics but a fair discussion all in all. In the end each server in this game is a story we carry to the next if we choose to which you just decided to delete some of.

Your censorship was uncalled for and more aggressive in action than the posts you have just deleted as you just attacked peoples right to express their feelings and opinions.

Baudin Toolan

Grepolis Team
What I deleted was a lot of name calling, cheating accusations, and a few other rule breaches spanning 30 posts. People are free to express their feelings and opinions but I do have forum rules I am required to uphold and when someone breaks them I am required to deal with it.


Censorship - well doesn't surprise me in the slightest

The posts with unfounded accusations, accusing TRIAD of being involved in something they didn't do - fair enough to delete. Many in NWA know who is responsible - someone who would love nothing more than to see NWA fall apart.... but as there is no proof, only strong suspicion, I will not name him here

but to delete someone simply defending themselves - and explaining "their side" cos it was all over the forums I was making the whole thing up??? And you delete a bunch of posts here, which as djrlol said, was just ppl expressing opinions... yet over 100 trolling accounts against an individual player doesn't class as "breaking the rules", or "bullying"... and support don't see the need to delete them???? Unbelievable.

I have to question what Support themselves have to hide, since they point blank refuse to release ANY proof whatsoever to back up their claims "no illegal activity has occurred" - so it simply comes down to little more than one persons word vs another. I've already had several ppl send supportive messages saying they too got hacked on previous servers - and what a surprise - support did nothing to help them either.

Or Support don't like the fact that a player expresses openly on the forums that they feel incredibly let down by a support team that has done absolutely nothing, over a period of 8 months now, to help out someone with repeated genuine problems at the hands of another player??? cos hey, its easier just to deny there is an actual problem in the first place....

This will probably get deleted, or my account will get banned, but I am past caring... I kept on fighting and refused to let a bully win, but the reaction of Support to this means I am done with this game for good. Plenty of other games out there where if you have an actual problem - the support team believe you, take the "customer is always right" approach, and go out of their way to actually help you - not just tell you "we are sorry but its your problem, not ours".
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What I deleted was a lot of name calling, cheating accusations, and a few other rule breaches spanning 30 posts. People are free to express their feelings and opinions but I do have forum rules I am required to uphold and when someone breaks them I am required to deal with it.
There was no great infringements BT and it was all discussed without any great profanity all you did was attempt to remove a discussion on hacking which as above said was just censorship. Again I restate my original point to you. I have been playing since 2010 and in all that time almost every player I know who has had to deal with the moderators of this game does not have a single nice thing to say; That is not customer service nor is it a way forward. People long back to Athens world where we entered wonders with near 10k active accounts there is a still a huge playing base for grepolis and in my opinion this is still the best as it still requires a team to win where other games have become literally pure pay to win.

Players experiences with the game moderators matter and as I said in the end each server comes down to a story you tell; deleting those posts removed part of the history of this world for better or worse I saw no infringements you had to delete you simply took upon yourself to censor them.

The in game moderators are bad enough there is no for you to join them at the bottom of the barrel. Look at the forums for Blizzard games there is plenty of extremely heated discussions at times and bar profanity and out right abuse its all left there and mods will warn players to keep the language acceptable but they do not resort to simple censoring.

Baudin Toolan

Grepolis Team
Extremely heated or not the fact of the matter was people were accusing others of cheating which is against the forum rules. So I deleted the entire conversation because just deleting the accusation bits would leave random comments where players defended themselves from the accusations which would just spur further debate and rule breaking. I suppose next time I won't just remove the rule breaches and ask nicely that people follow the rules, I will have to start tossing out infractions for them.
In fact you deleted the posts that we're showing a bad picture of the in-game mods/Support.
There was nothing more than discussions as has always been in every worlds forums. People arguing with each other is not something new, and that's what External Forums are used for.

As Djrlol said, you deleted a part from Zancle's history. Yeah, there were some words that you could have censored or deleted the post, but there was no need to delete the whole discussion like nothing has happened.

As Arowyn said, maybe this one will be deleted as well, it's not that I care, but there were only few words that you should have removed. Harsh word against each other, and that was the biggest breach of rule we made here.
There was only 1 post in which a member was accusing the other team for hacking. All the other posts were explaining that that team is not guilty for anything.

In the end, it doesn't surprises me either. My eyes have seen bigger surprises than this during the last 4-5 days.


Having read the posts prior to the deletion, I don't see why you all are making a big deal about it. You violated the rules, posts were removed.
Move. On.

I'm sure whenever you signed up to post on the forum you agreed to that little thing called the forum rules. It helps if you read it prior to posting, I promise. ;)

You would have also found:
  • If you notice that your post or topic was deleted, it has been removed for a good reason. Do not rewrite it. If need be, PM the moderator in question about why it was removed.
  • Threads which suggest, or allege, any cheating/botting/multi-accounting/etc... are prohibited on the Forums. The proper venue for those matters are through Support Tickets

If you don't feel like your ticket was handled adequately enough, request a higher level.

Anyways...let's get back to this trash talking thread. ;)