Two for Flinching


Guess who finally registered on the forums as well! ;)

Ah, but that's life and you prioritised well, family and job first. I can't anyone holding you to blame for 2FF disbanding, or your order of prioritising - I certainly never did :)

Yeah, really hit a rough spot when the players you're undoubtedly thinking of were lost, in one way or the other. The biggest mistake was probably those who thought the server could be won in a quick war or two, but even those of us who were older made the same "mistake" when we were at that age: impatience :)

No grudge ever held for that, and I certainly had a blast during the relatively short time I played!
Hey bro, haven't seen you in ages! Hows life? We need to catch up sometime haha :p


But if it isn't yuchen! And I can see that you're still playing, even if grepostats shows that you're barely larger than I was when I quit *poke* ;)

Hey mate, how's it going? You sure did put a bright smile on my face as we pillaged the sea around us together :)

- and since you're still playing (seems that the server is closed for new sign-ups), how's avera holding out? I'm really glad to see that EOD is still around, and a bit sad that I'm no longer with you, having to quit with those extorting gold prices ;P


Hey, I don't take the cities around me on purpose. Don't need to become fat, need to keep my figure you know. Instead I just kill people's things for fun. :p

Also Avera is no longer in charge. We're in the safe hands of Barb and some other unimportant people now. :D


What, barb started playing again? When'd she do that? Can't say that I'm surprised about avera letting others be in charge though, quite hard to commit thoroughly for years in a game - even if I feel it's a bit of a shame, he understood the most important aspect of the game, the political part.

But yeah, do keep your weight, you UKs are the fattest in Europe at it is ;D