Update to Version 2.226 Discussion Thread

Baudin Toolan

Grepolis Team
On Wednesday the game will be updated to version 2.226. Feel free to post any feedback or questions about the update in this thread.

Changelog 2.226

Dear Community,

On Wednesday November 11th Grepolis will be updated to version 2.226. As always there will be a short downtime while the update is applied.

New Features and Changes

  • In this update, we finalized work on our new God, Aphrodite! She is available for testing on our Beta server, so check it out if you want a preview!
  • To make space for Aphrodite, we redesigned the layout of the the god selection screen in the temple.
  • To ensure consistency with the main Reports inbox, we have moved the 'Delete' button in individual reports one space to the left.

  • The layout of red and green banners shown for notifications is now displayed correctly.
  • Sending support to Olympus via a portal will now correctly show the "Support was launched successfully" banner.
  • Daily awards (attacker of the day, supporter of the day etc.) will correctly be sent out when a time change occurs.

* Found on beta, did not occur on live worlds.

We hope you enjoy the update and would love to hear any feedback you have here.

Best regards,
Your Grepolis Team


Spartan AD

I really hope the passive effects of the siren have been removed. Such a game-breaking concept, this is why a player council is needed. There are 122 threads of passed ideas on this forum, and likely more on other servers' forums, I can't understand why the developers wouldn't use what the players want as a basis for new concepts instead of just coming up with something on the spot that clearly will cause major issues in the current gameplay system.


Going on from what Spartan said, even though you can only have the sirens in a city worshipped by Aphro, anyone with more than one brain cell is gonna have Aphro in all of their LS cities. You are both giving LS a larger size (in which, they are already quite large at 420~ for a max nuke with LE's) and the ability to land a perfect time basically every single time through the stacking of sirens (mind you, without sacrificing pop for a standard LS nuke anyways). This means in both CQ and Rev you are severely impacting how the game is played in a very negative way.

LS snipes will become the norm and will work basically every single time (CQ). Same applies with bir snipes (both CQ and Rev). You then get into a loop of everything being timed onto the same second because sirens - for whatever reason - stacks. And judging by how servers were responding today in 129 from a single op. You are going to murder your servers if you got everything landing on the same second.


There appears to have been an update in the Attack Spelling UI which is not listed in the update features. Please include that.


Feedback on it:

Visually it looks nice, and maintains consistency with city spelling UI.

Mechanically, I hope you realise this induces a change. It is no longer possible to attempt spelling when you don't have enough favor to cast.

Under circumstances where there is a high volume of commands, I am inclined to believe this UI will not keep up with favor generation (eg. returning many returning farming commands/attacks on Heracles), causing lots of favor to be wasted when you are trying to rapidly mass spell an attack. The server must update your favor count and you must have enough in order to attempt to spell an attack with the update.

Before, it was possible to detect if an attack was spelled (without spelling it yourself) by attempting to cast a spell on the incoming command without enough favor. This was a powerful way to defend when the attacker utilized many fake commands - if you have 20+ commands incoming, you had to do this to tell which were reals and fakes. In return, this encouraged the attacker to fake spell some attacks and leave some real attacks unspelled. I found this spelling dynamic an interesting part of the game removed by the update.

Continuing from above, I think this is absolutely necessary for the Olympus endgame. There is no minimum atk size on Temples which means Temple sieges can be easily spammed with 100+ commands making it virtually impossible to spell the real breaking attacks. A balance to this is the spell detection strategy above, this way the breaker is required to fake spell/non-spell in order to maintain their fakes, and the siege holder has a chance at spelling breaks.

Minor point: I'd advise having confirmation for attack spelling off by default, to cause minimal disruption (as there was no confirmation previously). Or allow World Settings in general to be imported/exported when starting a new world.


In conclusion: I ask that the UI be adjusted so spells can still be attempted to be cast even when there isn't enough favor (icon always clickable), and perhaps show a 0x or greyed out icon to indicate no favor available.
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So what exactly is the point of this new layout if there still isn't enough room for all 7 gods???

Please make all 7 visible without a scrollbar - it is inconvenient when rapid god switches are needed during favor farming.