Update to Version 2.262

Baudin Toolan

Grepolis Team
Changelog 2.262

Dear Community,

On Wednesday March 11th Grepolis will be updated to version 2.262. As always there will be a brief downtime while the update is applied.

User Story Improvements

  • The Hymn to Aphrodite in now possible to be extended.
  • A player setting has been added to enable or disable militia hints globally.
  • UI improvement in the market selection screen.
  • A population reference has been added to the god power tooltip for browser and hybrid version.
  • The unit amounts are now displayed as smart numbers.
  • The counted cities have been added to overviews/profile.
  • BPV (Battle Point Villages) are now hidden when no own city is on island.
  • A notice for players has been implemented for leaving an alliance when world wonder era has started.
  • A drag indicator for mobile has been implemented that when touched drags the element, otherwise scrolling will be enabled. Changed draggable trade/city group elements to contain drag circle indicator.


  • We fixed an issue where unintended map icons popped up when scrolling on the hybrid app.
  • UI fixes for the hybrid app where town selection used to cover partially some elements.
  • UI fixes for the hybrid app where the towns could not be dragged to the bottom in the trade overview.
  • The map has been fixed the hybrid app which would allow users to drag the map so far that black edges are visible.
  • Fixed a bug for the hybrid app where holding a menu button like profile or reports moved the icon to the right and froze it in position.
  • Fixed a bug for the hybrid app where the market selection is not movable anymore.
  • Country flag in hybrid app is now aligned probably in Split screen.
  • Fixed a bug for hybrid app where Heroes selection now scrolls in the intended direction.
  • Unwanted screen movements when scrolling or dragging for the hybrid app have been fixed.
  • Fixed the placement of several UI elements for the hybrid app.
  • The placement of the town context menu in overviews now appears where the player tapped in the hybrid app.
  • Fixed a bug, where two players placed a city protection to the same city with 1 second difference, while the city is under siege and the both spells did not work. The second cast should now get an error message, and the spell should work.
  • Fixed a bug regarding the militia from Trojan Defense. It now should not be active again since it was damaged before the first siege started.
  • Fixed a bug for the hybrid app where the World Selection Screen used to have a black bar on the hybrid app.
  • Fixed a bug for the hybrid app where registration got stuck in the loading screen.


We hope you enjoy the update and would love to hear any feedback you have here.

Best regards,
Your Grepolis Team