Update to Version 2.297

Baudin Toolan

Grepolis Team
Changelog 2.297

Dear Community,

On Thursday October 5th Grepolis will be updated to version 2.297. As always there may be a brief downtime while the update is applied.

New Features and Changes
  • (Community suggestion) Now its possible to see how many favour members have sent to a wonder.

New to mobile

  • Improved the arrows behaviour in the tutorial.
  • New window with current recruitment for ground and navel units.
  • Timer for incoming attacks was added, it shows the latest incoming attack for the city


  • When searching for a player in the simulator to set the current morale value will no longer result an error.
  • Fixed an issue with the illusion defence in the simulator causing incorrect results.
  • It is now possible to cancel a recruitment after changing cities without having to close the respective window.
  • All heroes are now properly displayed on the mobile app.
  • In the simulator, if there is a chance the hero would die, it is again clearly signalled.


We hope you enjoy the update and would love to hear any feedback you have here.

Happy gaming and best regards,
Your Grepolis Team

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