Update to Version 2.299

Baudin Toolan

Grepolis Team
Changelog 2.299

Dear Community,

On Thursday November 2nd Grepolis will be updated to version 2.299. As is always the case there may be a brief downtime while the update is applied.

New Features and Changes

  • Removed cooldown for upgrading World Wonders.

New to mobile

  • Improved city renaming. The long tap now works on the whole button and the edit mode is active immediately.
  • Added activities indicator on each tab to showcase current active amount and attacks are shown differently and with a red color.
  • Now it is possible to cycle through cities within city groups
  • Added minimize window functionality, and a close-all-windows button.
  • Introduced a separate spell button under the gods image area.
  • Small improvements to the main menu, such as recoloured the inventory counter, and showing the current amount of items in the inventory again, instead of cutting it with 9+.
  • Removed the button to disable the tutorial arrows to avoid overlapping.


  • On rare occasions players profiles would be blocked on an endless loading screen.
  • Resolved an issue that could lead to city name and other elements to not display correctly.
  • Spell buttons will now grey out when reaching its limitations.
  • The bunks technology will now be taken into consideration when trying to return troops from Olympus.
  • Olympus will no longer notify you that is teleporting once the game has been won
  • Added the missing shortcuts in some activities windows for Olympus worlds.


We hope you enjoy the update and would love to hear any feedback you have here.

Happy gaming and best regards,
Your Grepolis Team