What's up Grepolis? Occasionally read these forums from time to time! Any original Enlightened pm me, I might start playing again! :p

Back on topic! Who is this girl scout veaterqueen? I mean I never heard a woman yap so much! I played Grepolis to get away from my girlfriend & all her feminine drama, but this chick just doesn't stop! I think she just enjoys listening to herself yap! Shut your piehole sweetheart you're not that cute! What she attempts virtually in a fantasy setting like Grepolis, is just an overcompensation for what she fails to accomplish in reality!

Is this chick for real? "I am Veaterqueen a grepo player for 1 and a half years now" she says lol!


Even funnier she only has 13,000 total battle points, almost 4,000 of those defensive!


What is she so confident about? Who ever lied to her is a very funny man! Listen sunshine, I played for less than one year & had 900,000 battle points! For future reference, wait until you have half a million bp before you start intimidating beginners!

Diplomat of BDT?


Lol what does BDT stand for? Well use your imagination! Nonetheless they should be embarrassed to ever endorse a piece of work like this! Or maybe not? BDT isnt exactly crème de la crème. I've seen backyard alliances take advantage of vulnerable noobs too, but those scavenging alliances I refer to accomplished it with a magnitude far more impressive! They might be around still today to brag, had we not rimmed them!

To all the newbies in Omega, bdt is a joke! A bunch of clowns! They are simply a bunch of noobs too & the only reason they are advancing statistically is because Omega lacks one or two players like me!

I let this go on long enough but now I think you actually think I am a girl

I am no I am a hermaphrodite. jk. A guy


Princess Veater has only 3 red blood cells. And four white ones. And three purple ones.