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(Wandle fast asleep). "No... No.... Skully put the banjo down.... Noooooooooo!!!!!!! Zzzzzzz!!!!


Kad stop making your living on the rim. Anyone that has been around long enough knows of you and Mad Melons in Epsilon so stop feeding off all these noobs and come play with the big boys ;)


I don't see what you mean lol 25k ABP says I took on everyone within range. I can't help it if your cities are too far away :p
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Sheikh al-Majaneen

OV vs Nameless, who is a merger between Rim Noobs and Mortis. So it isn't so much a new war, but just in case you were unaware of the merger.

Zen Shadow

Yeah, so OV merged in the best players frontline from Avernus and SOA started getting their behinds kicked... Then Mortis was getting it's butt kicked by Epic and Vikings... So Mortis starts working with Rim Noobs... OV begins talks with Epic, our old NAP which was why the map looked funny... Rim and Mortis merge to Nameless... OV merges with Epic... New OV starts handing it to everyone in the North including The Vikings who messed around and decided to attack and Yersinia Pestis which are little more than Pests on the Eastern Border...

Been an interesting week or so... Things are going well for OV on the fronts. Venom is still a threat, Ruse kinda annoying, SOA inactive, and Mortis/Rim/Nameless being put in their place....

Happy Hunting! :pro: