What's that fishy odour? hmm?


I feel like hitting your own support should be allowed for no BP gain.


It's pretty unfair actually, if i find someone else doing it in other worlds, and nothing happens then i'll probs quit the world straight away.

i dont mind people gaining a little BP from sending a few trans they built extra into their own birms... but to gain over 200k bp without losing anything is exploiting whatever way you look at it.

But i suppose if it keeps him spending Gold and ain't multi-accounting or botting inno/grepo mods/devs will keep him around


I feel like hitting your own support should be allowed for no BP gain.
well there are still enough ways to avoid that

u can be with a allience member or friend and do this every week 1 week for u 1 week for the other

we can change it so this doesnt happend but there are to many ways to avoid it i guess we have to trust the people not to get so low in there attempts off getting bigger


or possibly, half the BP you get from hitting your own support...?


I thought it could be illegal if you did it too often as you could be accused of exploiting - I have advised players not to do it because it could be classed as an infraction.... shows what I know.

We have all cleared Pop but to do it to this scale....

In every world I have played I have needed all my troops to attack something or defend someone (ok it is myself a lot of the time) - if you spend this much effort/pop/time doing this, when do you get time to help your alliance?

I wonder if it is possible to change it - you get no dbp in a ghost, perhaps it could pick up same hit getting abp/dbp?
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Exploiting Bugs
Exploiting bugs in the game for advantages over other players is not allowed. The rules state:
§5) Bugs

It is against the rules to use game bugs to advance in the game. This is punishable by ban. If you find a critical bug it is your duty as a player to report it.
A bug is defined as an error, mistake, or flaw in a computer program or system that produces an incorrect or unexpected result, or causes it to behave in unintended ways that the developer did not intend. Examples of exploiting a bug include having hundreds of extra free population available and using it to send attacks that are bigger than normally possible, or using the devine envoy to to gain instant favor. Any bugs with these types of large disadvantages should be reported to the support system and not exploited.

If you find something new that is very useful, check the changelog in Announcements to see if it is an announced feature. If it is not there it may be a bug and a support ticket should be sent in and confirmed with a mod if its a bug. Only after a mod confirms its not a bug you will be allowed to use the new feature.

If you feel another player is exploiting a bug please send in a support ticket and a moderator will check it out.
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Reading the above post I have to say that I don't think Lane's opinion is right. If the developers would have intended to allow one player to gain BPs by attacking his own troops, then they would have allowed the said player to do it by attacking his own cities too. But in fact, when attacking his own city, one do not harm his own troops at all and gains no BPs at all. So it seems to me that developers had no intention to allow BP gaining by attacking your own troops. The fact that this is still possible by using a city owned by someone else for support and attack seems to me to be an exploitation of a bug.
Well, if you think the Community Management team is lying then go ahead and think I'm not telling the truth..The choice is yours. ;)

I'm just telling you what I was told. :)

~ Lane