Who said OF uses spies? lol


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"in my last report" meaning there has been constant reports. This is all info from our alliance forum

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Here our beloved spy is sharing targets, CS, MM and @Hammerhead1 from now on the best nickname for you will be mr.AreTheyGoingForIt

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In case some of you are wondering, yea regardless of this information being shared, we still took those cities from this player they have and removed him completely from the frontline lmao

Don't talk **** about daddy bacon again or im pulling up no cappp

lmao pls dont comment anymore


As soon as he let us know about him spying, we started revolting his cities and just a few minutes after my revolt started, guess who already had him on revolt previously :

new owner.png
new owner 2.png

This guy had been handing off free cities for the longest time

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OPs i design result in cities taken despite spies, im still waiting for you to show us how its done when you make next OP for bloods.

the guy who literally contributed nothing to his alliance is the one who feels he needs to take most of credits. Its not a difficult thing pointing at some cities and telling your alliance to conquest them while you sit back and dont send a single attack. That doesnt make you the "mastermind" you think you are.
Speaking of OPs, in our last OP we took your dear friend antoine8 out of the frontline , despite your spy giving info to hammerhead that we were going for those cities by sharing my MM. lol

Claiming spies without proof is always cute isnt it.
Not no more

secondly, now you are claiming that we have a spy in your team? LOOOOL, nah dog, we dont use spies
p.s. a quick shout out to Albozz and his albanian buddy SharkLasers who gets banned 2 times in 3 days for cheating, is that Albozz 2nd acc? we will never know..

you must have me confused with your spy, hes the one who had his second account at my alliance, while his main account was at yours. Not only gods bane was your spy, but also belgiandevil and his lovely wife jahkits. i wonder how many more there were ...or are :D


@Reimu Hakurei isnt it ironic? i mean knowing that you complained about the same exact thing and made a whole thread about JD sending spies everywhere in Chios, while your alliance did the same here. https://en.forum.grepolis.com/index.php?threads/most-unhonourable-alliance-ive-seen-in-my-8-years-ofplaying.63000/


This isnt meant to **** on you guys, unlike @Lethal-Bacon or "onlyfans supreme leader" as he calls himself on discord (lmao), i dont suffer from the need for attention and lack of confidence and ego , therefore i dont feel the need to comment in every possible open thread in external forums, regardless if im playing or not in those servers nor kiss people's asses while im at it, pretending to be relevant only because i know a few people in a famous alliance who would never accept me as their own *insert sad face here for lethal*. Bring up hte score board all you want, most of those cities are literally o44 cities that we choose not to defend lol. Since the war has started your teammates (clearly not you) have taken maybe a maximum of 8-10 active player cities in o45. The rest were given away freely. What do you want bro? Recognitions for things you did not achieve? Or you want credit for other's people success? Whatever will fill your void man, we're all here for you, rooting for you.
Ps. seeing you changed your name to onlyfans supreme leader on discord truly convinced me that you lack affection irl and clearly need some social life. Only a person like you would write in his game profile about living alone for 5 years and finally got his first girlfriend etc etc. im sad you removed that from your profile, it always put a smile on my face :D

Also i am aware that there are people in OF who werent aware of this going on, but also there are people who knew about this and took advantage of it. If someone who asks a spy "are they going for it" receives the answer YES along with my MM of the targets and CS landing times, then im pretty sure this person had to let their team members know that there is a takeover going on and help is needed. There possibly are a few members in OF who would not want to be part of this and who again, were unaware, but that doesnt dismiss the fact that this is an ugly thing to do. This is not the 1st spy , nor the 2nd, but the 3rd. Although i still have suspicions that thedriesen was a spy too so that would make this person here the 4th spy. Its kind of sad to see how much these people have tried.

The reason im doing this is because its pitiful, its sad and it kills that of which is supposed to be a competitive game. For someone like hammerhead who spends and relies purely on gold more so than skill, to be using a spy is rather embarrassing.

For an alliance whos ranked #1 and has a few big mouth troubled teenagers barking in external, claiming credit for the work that others put in by bragging about the table score , while they themselves hide behind 2nd or 3rd life, this is purely shameful.
This game is supposed to be a game of pure entertainment and competitiveness. Where is this competitiveness going to end up at a time where not only golders and toxic mentally ill people are taking over, but also numerous of spies are being spread everywhere? This is guy i published is only one of the few spies caught by OF.. who knows how many more. And for what? For a shiny medal on your profile you didnt even earned by playing fair? What you gonna do with that medal thats so precious for you, you going to go to the next party house and brag about it at the first girl you gonna see? "uhhh yea, im kind of a big shot in an online game and we won a few servers...yea yea..." lmao

Back in the day there were spies yes, but not to this low level and not so much so that would become this ugly. There were toxic players but they were a handful of them and the intelligent players and external commentators would be in a much bigger number , so these toxics would rarely be noticed. But not it became more of an idiocracy where the intelligent and those with an IQ over 10 rarely talk in forums, whilst those with IQ under 10 you see them comment non stop. Compare the externals of older worlds with the current worlds and see how low the activity has become, thanks to these toxics. The conversations back then would actually make sense and have valid arguments, while now its more of a competition about who says the dumbest **** that would make everyone else laugh...basically competing whos the best clown.

This is not about trash talking or making excuses. These are literally facts that cant be denied. yea its a long post (and they're gonna say about how much time i spent writting this lol) , but hey at least i spent less time writing this than some of you spent talking with all your spies...

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i aint even reading this, i literally only read screen shots, but il say this albozz the OP leader for bloods confirmed? HAHAHAHA

the moment you spend this much time and effort to write this, it feels like a win in my book.

Mole man 420

If you cant beat them, slander them. Bloods number one tool from their bag of tricks

gonna throw this out there too. I ran last op using no intel from any one or thing, no “spy network” intel. Just a little ole fashioned divide and conquer and you guys lost i think it was 22 cities to our 3.

instead of addressing the concerns and needs of why that happened bloods did what they always do.

“Cheating!!!! Spies bots and dishonorable actions!!!!!”

cry more losers