World at war


Friends, the history of Lambda is complex, but actually quite simple.

In a nutshell... there were Core Alliances.

The Infection has always been one. Based in 055. They took on new alliances when convenient, accepting the best players into their alliance as others leave.
The top players are excellant.

Meanwhile, there were 'other' alliances.
Social Gamer's Club was the big kid on the block. Based in 044. Spreading across four oceans. But they lost their leader to RL, Metalcore, one of the best leaders in Grepolos, and they separated into two alliances.
Savage Warriors and Killer Instinct.
And they fell to pieces as dozens left to RL or wandered across the world.

The Marines (based in 054) got bored, and left to RL. The rest got ground down by the infection, the remainder was scooped up by the Savage Warriors, who eventually fell apart.

Meanwhile the rim got more powerful. And now has a huge impact on things.
IMPERIUM is the big gainer, simply because they took side with their neighbor, the Infection.

And that's it.
-The remainder of those who were once KI, SGC, SW and Marines fight in the core.
Asking all in the rim to help in the fight to find balance.

-The Infection continues to do their thing, fighting for one alliance.
Asking all in the rim to die for them.... as they try to win the world.

Things may change as time goes on, but that's the situation now.

For me... maybe it's too many movies... but I refuse to be Infected.
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Apologia, the turn of events in Lambda can be "blamed", if that word makes it justice, on various reasons and any one of them is valid enough to be a good one.

Some alliances got big becuase they got the best players? Yes! Good tactic

Some others got big because they joined others? Yes! Still good tactic

Some are using spies to get intel? Yes! who isn't?

Some lost their leaders and evaporated? True! Good enough a reason

I am in no position to judge KOF for asking for help of other alliances in this war. Nor am I in a position to judge some other alliances who've come personally to me to have this war ended (you know who you ware ....). Lambda is all about having a nice time and that's what IMPERIUM is doing.

I hear people blaming IMPERIUM for siding with IS. Why shouldn't we? We spinned off from the same alliance "The Great Empire" and we have been allies ever since we started off in this world. We fought are we here and we are proud of it. We enjoyed taking KI cities and will enjoy to do so with KOF cities.

Should I have accepted the SGC offer to attack IS? Or should I have gone with KI or SW offer to do the same?

So, my point is, let us have fun and not judge others' decisions. Lambda dynamics has brought us all here, and it is time to let this World War run its course. :pro:


Here's my side.... I don't care how, who or what started the war.. We're in it now, and I plan on taking all the cities and BP that I can get. Win or loss.. Its all about having fun. All sides have great players involved, it will be a battle for the books for sure.
My thoughts are.. we'll swap cities back and forth. win some, loss some... Impossible to Defend every city.. But you can make it fun and interesting...
Like MEAT said.. time to launch some attacks... and time to GO GET ME SOME! See you boys soon ;)


Nor am I in a position to judge some other alliances who've come personally to me to have this war ended (you know who you ware ....).

Please tell me who wants out of this war. This is a war for the ages and for those that are not in the war, then God help them when one side wins because they are next


and those that have sided against you have grown too :) swings and roundabouts.

there's an awful lot of he said she said going on, at the end of the day i hope we're all having fun and enjoying what this game really has to offer.

i'm glad to be part of this war even if it is only a minor part :)



Wee man !!

I know you only got a small part, but Kev loves you for it very much !!



The DLB has withdrawn from this war and now acts as a neutral party.


i am just a small fish in a big sea,but i do like to bite.