Xi Top 12 Alliance Discussion


Top Alliances right now

1. Order of Chaos (OoC)
2. The Northern Kingdom (TNK)
4. The Survivors (TS)
5. The Grim Reapers (TGR)
6. Crazy Pink Killer Rabbit
7. Amish Rake Warriors
8. Cobalt Lightning
9. Men In Black
10. Warlords New Hope
11. Phoenix Overlords
12. Make Believe


Thank you posiden ! :)

Would anyone like to discuss a little about each?

PS: I have went through this thread and deleted a lot of posts. (I think you guys had an OT party.) Anyways, From now on try to keep it on topic. :)

~ Lane


1. OoC rules the world and has a pretty firm hold on it. They have good players even though their stats have seriously declined recently though shown on grepostats.

2. TNK I don't know much about, looks like some good players in there, I know their main oceans are in the north though.

3. SHEILD is at a constant war with OoC all the time right now.

4. The Survivors are another alliance I dont know much about. I was in TGRf which makes up a lot of them now since they merged but I never had an encounter with the original alliance.

5. TGR is strong, good members.

6. Crazy Pink Killer Rabbit, They have few members but all of them are at least 100k and are crazy killer rabbits, many alliances attack them but they are strong.

7. No Comment as its my alliance.

8. Cobalt Lighting, SHIELDS academy

9. Men In Black used to be clowns (literally they used to be devils clowns from hell or something like that) I am not sure about them as I dont have any cities near them.

10. Warlords New Hope, I have only seen Eumenes II cities and he is on Vm so I have nothing to report about them.

11.Phoenix Overlords used to be Phoenix Empire, they are very unorgainized, mainly in 70's oceans not capable of standing up to any other alliance in the top 12.

12. I like this alliance, 1 man but still in the top 12, seems he is just riding it out until the end.

I am kind of new to Xi so I don't have a great perspective.
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well since you are kind of new in xi as stated yourself, then not knowing much about leading alliances is understandable :)


1. Order of Chaos
Still in the fight regardless of the numbers against them. Losing more cities than they are taking at the moment, lost some huge members recently and more going inactive, are they finally on a decline that will lead them to collapse or is this just a new chapter. Need to get rid of the in-actives, as most cities there losing currently are jus that.

2. The Northern Kingdom
Doing very well for them selves. Not really losing cities, don't think they have lost one city in a week. The north must be horrible place as more are coming south to join in on the action cough in-actives cough.

Honestly doing quite well after all the they have been through some would say its amazing they are still here. Recently I would say they are becoming more aggressive, having number 1 alliance as your neighbours helps.

4. The Survivors
Just merged with TGR F, interested to see how they manage the numbers. Hopefully they get rid of all the dead weight and work on strengthening they're core. Like others moving deeper into the core for some much needed action, unfortunately all they will find is more in-actives and friendly.

5. The Grim Reapers
Not sure how they even work. The alliance is split in 2, one could argue split in 3. From what I can tell they would them selves a favour and split into 2 alliances or at the least work towards closing the gap, which I don't see happening. But they have some good players over
there to work towards a solution. All I would say is that they are lucky to be part of the coalition TNK/SHIELD/TS.

6. Crazy Pink Killer Rabbit
A very select few of large members based around 45/46 ocean. Giving them the highest avg point
among the top 12. With some groups like this u would think they would be a force to be reckoned with but that's not really the case. Not really gaining much in cities and when they do its just in-actives. There ABP/DBP aren't that much better.

7. Amish Rake Warriors
Former members of TGR F, u could say a few of sheep that didn't decide to follow the flock. Still at the early stages, interested to see if they join a side to fight with or do it there own way.

8. Cobalt Lightning
Academy to SHIELD, In a world where actives are hard to find and no new power alliances coming through the ranks, what's the point. Either put in with u or let them go there own way, meaning join the rest. OOC could do with more alliances against them.

9. Men In Black
bag points per member, same goes for ABP. Basically jus an avg alliance, few numbers though and doing better ABP than the alliance above them.

10. Warlords New Hope
Out of the top 6 look like the best, the most aggressive at least. Interesting to see how they get on once they attract one of the big boys attention.

11. Phoenix Overlords
look petty weak from the outside, don't really look like anything that would bother any alliance. Weakest from the top 12 in every way, an alliance that can only improve. We all have to start somewhere I guess.

12. Make Believe
Little old me. Stuck in 45, with all the top 6 alliance. No real plans on recruiting, going the lonely sole path. Im jus there really no real threat to any alliance. Pretty much in la-la land waiting for the fun to begin.
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Now I know more about the top 12, I only knew about the alliances that were pacted with TGRf when I was in that alliance. Nice job at passing Warlords New Hope making it to the 11th spot. Did Men In Black and Warlords New Hope cut some members or did they always have that many? I never paid attention to their amount of members.


7. Amish Rake Warriors
Former members of TGR F, u could say a few of sheep that didn't decide to follow the flock. Still at the early stages, interested to see if they join a side to fight with or do it there own way.

As The founder of Amish Rake Warriors I would point out that we left BEFORE the TGR f/TS merge so technically the players that joined TS were merely the ones that didnt choose to join us :)

So you are all aware what we are about, I formed the alliance as an alliance of active players (active in all we do, not just logging on once a day and simming cities) so far it has worked well and tho we are "SMALL" as others are fond of pointing out, I would argue that yes we have few members BUT every one of them is 100% active so we probably have as many active players as many of the alliances above and below us in the rankings, we are at present keeping ourselves to ourselves and if anyone attacks us we retaliate, im sure at some point one of the larger alliances will consider us as a juicy target and when that time comes then I expect the fun will begin, for now we carry on regardless and often quote to anyone who asks "yes we are small, but activeness is what counts in grepo not how many points we have",

I feel confident that my fellow friends/warriors in our alliance can sustain ourselves to WW stage and if any Xi alliance thinks we will be a soft touch then so be it, only the future will reveal whether we are indeed a soft touch or whether our relatively insignificant size makes us a wolf in sheeps clothing


My Crappy Turn (I suck)

1. TGR Survivors - No comment my alliance.

2. Order of Chaos - Leading in Alliance Battle Points, and have been starting to pick up more cities and the Inactives are dead, the ghosters have ghosted (some returned), and they dropped a place to 2nd to my alliance, after it merged with TGR. Though they started to pick up many more cities now, including one of mine :) I should try and take some myself or at least learn to take some :)

3. S.H.I.E.L.D. - Leading in AABP, and are doing quite well covering the West, and a lot of the core oceans with us ;) Good guys to work with down in O36 heh. Only alliance I can't imagine having a war with at all. Our friendship is too good to consider breaking it :)

4. The Northern Kingdom - Holding 4th, last of the Titan Alliances, lowest average out the lot, though they have been going strong lately which is good :) I believe them and SHIELD have small problems with The Brotherhood or so, but nothing too serious :p

5. Amish Rake Warriors - TCL and the Gang, doing their thing in O25/O35/O36 etc ;) Good alliance, holding 5th, nothings gonna stop them leaving that. Dealing with it's own inactives atm.

6. Cobalt Lightning - Academy of SHIELD. Fighting Legacy of Unseen Men, OoC, Them N Us, and a couple of other minor alliances. Fair enough

7. TS Academy - My alliance Academy :) Fighting Warlords New Hope alongside our friends Italian Warlords. Doing quite good, even though there is a 100 dudes in the pack.

8. Descension - Can't say much. I believe Sharpes Legions is after them and IDK really.

9. Italian Warlords - Lord Melo and Dominator run this :) Quite a nice alliance, kind of like a second Academy to us, good friends.

10. The Legacy of Unseen Men - Not so Unseen anymore, at war with Cobalt Lightning and are getting quite bigger, but mostly sim-city stuff.

11. Lord Sith - Stelios can't choose which alliance to side with, so he chooses the solo path :) Fair enough.

12. Sharpes Legion - More name changes than ever, run by Cthulu-whatever guy. 9th in ADBP, must mean something o_O
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And we only had 1 inactive that let because of family problems, we would have kicked him right away but many of his cities were in important locations to us.

There was no way you could have known we were or weren't fighting OoC so np :)


1. TGR Survivors - They passed OoC for first place a while ago. TGR and TS merged to form TGRS. There are many inactives but those that are active are good players.
2. Order of Chaos They have lost so many to inactivity but are still going strong. They will probaly just try to build the wonders and then quit the server. They are doing well in the HW so they can always fall back on that.
3. S.H.I.E.L.D - Leading in ABP, they are doing well in the core and the surrounding oceans. They are pacted with TGRs and have been fighting OoC for a long time.

4. The Northern Kingdom - Holding 4th, lowest average, though they have been going strong lately. They have the two strongest players in the game point wise.

5. Amish Rake Warriors
-No comment, I'm biased :)

6. Cobalt Lightning
- Academy of SHIELD. Fighting a bunch of small alliances. The fact tht they're an academy explains a lot but they are pretty good for an academy.:)


I had the other 6 done but they got taken out after some complications, I didnt have too much to say about them and what I did say wasn't good for them.


So SHIELD and TNK merged, no surprise there. They are winning the WW race but it will be close between them and OoC.
2.TGR Survivors
They were first until SHIELD and TNK came about. They will most likely only complete the lighthouse. (b/c we stopped building it :) because SHIELD and TNK and OoC have the WW's taken.
3.Order of Chaos
They have always ruled the world and have a coatilition formed against them but now it is really only TGRS and SHIELD and TNK. They have a city on a SHIELD WW island so that puts them in a position to win the world.
4.Amish Rake Warriors
A bunch of inactive njubs, I don't know how they have the 4 spot.....
5.TS Academy
Academy, nuff said.
They in between 2 academies.
7.Cobalt Lightning
Academy, nuff said.
8.No Vacancy
The last TNK members who didn't merge into the super power I guess.
9.The Legacy of Unseen Men
They are current;y being bullied at the edge of 24/25 by a single ARW member and there has been no retaliation, their leader isn't favored by ARW but hes in 33 so no one can reach them.
10.Chuck Norris Alliance
Chuck Norris worshippers?
11.Church of the SubGenius
Noobs, they've had like a million name changes.
12.Lord Sith
Stelios decided to leave the chaos that is TGRS so he just kinda went off and stopped playing methinks.

Someone else go now, there needs to be life in this forum.


you do realize that 4 WWs are needed to win the server and building 7 of them is only for the prestige that don't even need to be built before any alliance does?


Simmers I mean winners of the world :p TNK and SHIELD merged to become Co-Champions.
2 TGR Survivors
They were first after TGR and TS merged to take down OoC until SHIELD and TNK merged to win the world.
3 Order of Chaos
One of the best alliances in my opinion.
4 Amish Rake Warriors
A bunch of inactive njubs on the rim.
5 TS Academy
Academy, nuff said.
6 Descension
The alliance that is 6th in points.
7 Cobalt Lightning
Academy, nuff said.
8 Chuck Norris Alliance
Chuck Norris worshippers.
9 The Legacy of Unseen Men
Mostly inactives and simmers.
10 No Vacancy
3 TNK members that didn't want to merge into SHIELD/TNK.
11 The Discordian Society
They hold the Grepolis all-time record for most name changes. They have changed their name so many times I lost count and they change it like every month or so. (n00bs)
12 Lord Sith
Stelios left TGRs, created an alliance, and then went inactive.


Hey, us at #4 are only 25 mill points less than you guys :p We could soon have a small impact on our area of the world ;)