A little story from your friends in TW-Shadow


i love the ending lol you still owe me 49$ for a donkey :)
deffinitly worth the read :)


Great tale... thanks for the laugh! Will there be a sequel?


Really,really educating story.Just shows how someone can be persistent when you double-cross them.

I'd do the same,in every game I find you.
Battling against someone and later becoming friends,and possibly playing together is normal.
What you did,Johnny,isnt.
Simple as that.


Nice. Thanks.
I was pretty sure my quick assessment of *Dixon in this game was right.
I guess my TW instincts are still sharp!


nice story indeed... guess I was right when I said Jonny was a bad influence in Thunder Gods ;). mais, c'est la vie... I'm glad I wasn't the only one that was tricked by him...


Yeh bigger fool him thinking i would pay him $50 to buy a donkey.
Deleter your computer logs get a life!
That's the JDixon I left TGods to get away from ...
... make a deal, steal the goods, call the guy a fool, then tell him to get a life.

Post your picture so we can paste in the WikiPedia page about you.



*That's your cue, Dixon ... go ahead, call me a deserter / idiot.*

"Tell a fool how he's being foolish and he'll call you a fool."


that's a pretty strange story

but, i think that there is no need to argue over such a silly issue as this - $49 in The West is nothing!

Such offenses happen all the time in World 2 - most shoppers don't even care on paying anything, unless they are particularly generous


The weird thing is me and the creator and many other people have a laugh about this..

Its just the people i rim and put down that cary on this topic thinking it puts me down but all this is doing is getting my e-publicity up hehe. On that note though call me whatever you like it really doesn't affect me at all.. Maybe if you guys are so mad at me you should try rim me in game... World alpha.


It had been nearly 180 dusty days and nasty nights riding the trail.

Haggard but hopeful, our hearty heroes pushed on, tracking Jonny Vsax around the world map.

No comfy beds. No warm meals. No touch of a woman except for a cactus dolled up in a dress.

It was tough travel.

Our favorite felon had changed his name by then. No longer wanting to attract the steel gaze of the Rock Ridge riders, Vsax had changed his moniker to JonnyDixon.

He spent time in the Dark Dragon Warriors. He journeyed to the land of the Thunder Gods.

He’d stop for a seaside siesta in Ocean 55, tip-toe into two towns near Ocean 45, slip quietly into the banned lands for touting other online ventures apart from InnoGames.

Dixon’s prestige and power grew during this time. On March 31, 2010, he reached the No. 12 ranking in Grepolis. Two months later, he hit 12 cities, 123,586 points and 4,392 stolen donkeys May 13.

It seemed his need for greed could not be stopped.

But that’s when the long arm of the law started to catch up with the devilish Dixon.

You see, those Rock Ridge riders never give up.

They’re too tough to be stopped, too stupid to stop searching.

With the aid of their fellow lawmen from the sure-fire shooting TW-Shadow, they started closing in on Dixon on April 22, taking one of his towns where he smuggled stolen donkeys.

They hit him at his hidden hideout at 5. Jonnyville on May 13, and again at Steinage May 22.

The dastardly Dixon tried to flee. He’d bring on a ban or hole up in holiday mode. But his days in Grepolis and vacation mode were numbered. Eventually, he had to surface.

From May to July 17, our rugged wranglers closed down nine more of Dixon’s smuggling operations, leaving him beaten and bloody, alone, at his town 010. Jonny.

And that’s when the strong-armed StIv sauntered into town.

His spurs jangled as he strode into the sultry saloon, his eyes fixed on the mysterious man they had hunted for nearly six months in Grepolis and a year in The West.

“Hey Grep pardner. You still owe me and my gang $49 for a donkey,” the cool-hand colonizer told his timid target.

Dixon's own words echoed icily across the saloon.

"Maybe if you guys are so mad at me you should try rim me in game ... World alpha," Dixon said in a forum post March 11.

"Happy to oblidge," StIv said, aiming his Grepolis gun at Dixon and pulling the trigger.


Jonny Vsax, alias Jonny Dixon, had been rimmed from Grepolis, World Alpha, on July 20, 2010, at 20:59:38 server time.

Nearly two years after their online onslaught started in another game, those Rock Ridge riders finally caught and killed their man.

They're still searching for their $49.

Rest in peace, Jonny Vsax.
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