Top 12 Alliances Sink-or-Swim

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for once blizza a sensible making a note on my calendar!:cool:


Can't we all just get along?
When will this war end?
Let's give peace a chance!


lol...yeah...tough to do while you are on VM Blizz....but hey, no rush...plenty of fish in the sea...wondering what i will do with all that


I will return soon enough so that you can continue with your futile attempts.


Hard to do as your a turtle mate,but we all play our own way..

Thracian thing passes a few minutes a day with a few goodies i guess and i never knock anything thats free...


Yes. I know it's early but with such a short bp, i thought it would be good to make a pre-attacking one:

1: Adeptus
My Alliance (I'm the founder) No comment.

2: The Moral Horde - Sink
Low avg. points, 2nd most members... *cough* MRA *cough* Whats worse is they are already trying to get pacts.

3: Warpath - Sink
Lower avg. points, most members. Definitely MRA.

4: Nexus - Float
As long as they keep the good avg. points and the low member count, they could avoid ending up in the same way as their cythera counterpart

5: Contract Killers - Sink
Low avg. points. There is no excuse for the low members. They won't survive long, being merged into another alliance or just plain rimmed.

6: Atomic - Sink
OK avg points, 7 members so low members, but there is an excuse, they obviously want good avg. points.

7: T.G.D - Float
Low member count, but good avg. points. Only beaten in that respect by Adeptus and Nexus.

8: 300 Spartans - Swim
They are in a relatively quiet area - O54. They could do well if they capitalize on they're advantage in ocean location.

9: Grey Wolves - Swim
As above but have more experience in my eyes.

10: Eclipse - sink
3 members, ok avg. points, O55. Don't see em lasting long, again by either a merge or war.

11: BLACK FLAG - sink (get rid of the caps too)
Same as above but with 4 players and a much worse avg. points.

12: World Eaters - sink
^^ but with 2 players and ok avg. points.

Please keep in mind that this was made BEFORE grepointel or grepomaps. So don't pointlessly de-rep me for that.
Keep de-reps to a min and +reps greatly appreciated!

Yep, that was accurate.


Atomic was predicted to "SINK" too but now they are almost pushing a 4 million point lead and holding the core strong.


Sorry Martin, I am just rolling in cash, I need to keep going back to Monte Carlo.
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Illu"s : Sinking more than ever !!! The last week of event has shown us TWO things : Players are deserting in O65 and Illu's are not supporting each others. Second : BrownNose and Aporthetatata's are LoD minions carrying the duty of support, since they are the named turtle for them...How pathetic to be at that level...Oh well, seems that it is the ways of Illu"s to go in the dark like minions of others...How sad....


Defensive alliance

AFC just took the rank of #1 defensive alliance. We've fought with and outlasted many top-10 and top-5 alliances, and they've seen many a CS stopped by one of our defensive walls, or seen their own cities fall and get reinforced by an army of biremes and defensive units. We've earned this rank, from our early days as a 12 person alliance swimming among the sharks. Consistent, and foolish.

(That's not to say I didn't just lose a slinger nuke to vegkva yesterday when he caught me napping and wiped out my poor defenceless slingers.)