Cant log-in

Floki Chenz

To have the world open, with no bugs (from what I see) on a Sunday, is a credit to your Devs & Staff.

Perhaps you don't hear that enough....but very well done.


Yes compensation is being worked on but as with the situation of the world being reopened/being restarted we don't want to announce anything until we are 100% sure of what it will be and that it will work.
I just heard, that your colleagues from Finland have already announced the compensation. Are there different between the local worlds?

Baudin Toolan

Grepolis Team
Not to my knowledge but there is a difference in when they are running. I do not believe all of it has rolled out on the larger servers just yet as there are more players on those servers, ours included, and so it takes a bit more time to do it.


In the announcement just received regarding the downtime of the world it asays that we shave been given 14 days of advisors, I certainly haven't received this has anyone?