Congratulations Cuddles


Lol don't even know him champ, all I saw on here was how bad they were and how good true fear was, you lost easily to a "terrible" team hahah then you do the selfish thing and ghost on your team mates

You and master spy would make a great couple lol

I don't know who you are, but I like what I see ahahah :D top man!

Red-Haired Shanks

@Alexander the Okay @sambr09 @jameslongst @pgalland25

Do you remember my Words the Story i told you about how Destructive Immortals Disbanded ? yeah :/ well it happened the way i said it would. im not going to attack any of you here since i honestly feel bad for you im sure you do too. But i hope you will learn a lot from this world and hopefully do better.

Half of your Players in Naturals were Simming, there was no Coordination between Leadership a lot of bad players were taken in when they should have been kicked out (especially NEBOSH)

Cuddles were a lot more Open they were willing to hear out different ideas i know you guys think your the best in this game but like Karma said maybe after this you could be a lot more humble, try and learn something from Cuddles.


Nobody in our alliance would piss on you if you were on fire. Sorry to shatter yet another of your ego trips

Sayings can be so weird. That would have to be a very small fire for such an act to make a difference in the first place, and then it'd just be humiliating the person.

Like... I get it's meant to be a insult.... but how is that a insult? "I wouldn't pee on you", well thanks. I'm sure they wouldn't want you to.

Now if there were a bucket of water, or a shovel and a lot of dirt, or a fireproof blanket.... that would be useful for putting out the fire. And a lot more dignified.

We already squad up in a new world Olympus, a couple of your colleagues from TF/Errors joined us there. Pop in and say hello, if u are active and wanna play I'm sure we can make space for more TF/Error players with no problem .

What's the rules for a Olympus world?

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The only differences between Cuddles and True Fear was Puppy :)
Us the Council/Admins
and most important all the players who supported us and the great teamwork all done it.

Everyone was trashing us over, talking bullshits about us etc.
Everyone was saying instead of joining us and play for Puppy we join TF/NS/Errors etc, but its funny how many people talking so much BS about others without knowing the facts. or just listen to others opinions instead of making their own opinion about other people.

Its just a game, some of players are taking this way too personal but now its the time to talk as we let the facts make the difference not some shitty words :)

Below you have Total Donations List/Fighting List/Cities - Puppy was a true leader from Day 1 till last one, pushed us for better, brought us together for many times and when he was OP and had a bad day never gave up, or gave a shitty trash talk like other people in True Fear did with their players ;) this made a huge difference and impact in Cuddles, this is what True fear never had.


In the end we all worked as a team, and played until last moment together no matter what.

But give to our team the credit and to Puppy what's his for carrying all of us when it matter most
and not to trash talk like True Fear some of the leaders who were kicking out their own players for loosing one city :)

Its a teamwork game something that True Fear never understood it
- Master Spy whoever you are keep your BS for yourself next time -

- True Fear Next time Bring another 2-3 worlds to join your coalition to stop us ;)

as one entire world Pylos vs Cuddles wasn't Enough -
We had 10 great months together - May we meet again!
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