Conquer a Mod Competition (Pseira Edition)

Baudin Toolan

Grepolis Team
Yup I got done in, baked, fried, other potato relating cooking words by Szmine. I know the whole community had complete faith in my total skill but I must admit there was very little fight involved.

Baudin Toolan

Grepolis Team
They took my poor little city and didn't even let me grab my muffin stockpile before they kicked me out. Truly a rough day.


Lol do you really? Talking of explosions there is a group not so far from me who seem to have risen from the ashes......

And another clue. Looking at @bradybah his bigger city is further away from me than his little city.
i know exactly what you mean by explosions and risen from the ashes


Grepolis Team
A few attacks now - some of the locals are interested but I have built a wall - not my first I might add................


I have to say I was pretty spot on in my prediction that Hydna would be harder to rim than Baudin.


Grepolis Team
Ok let me sum up here and give you a bit more - its been a week someone needs to get this prize:

Who am I
I am well travelled
I lost my head in London
I have another in Paris
I originated in the area you know as spain
I have built a wall - not my first I might add.........

My location and city name - refer to Herodotus Histories book 2 chapter 73 in translation and abbreviated ' There is another sacred bird whose name is the…………….. It is said that when his father dies he flies from Arabia to the Temple of the sun carrying his dead fathers ashes…………….'

What pains me about Hydna's clues is that I'm fairly certain they are historical references. And, as the resident history nerd I can't figure any of them out :confused:
Does this help?
on that note. How does your closest neighbor look like from your walls? They hang any alliance banners in front of those walls?
If thats a tough sight to notice, what does your own alliance banner look like, if you're in one?

Sorry I missed this
My 2 closest neighbors are not a threat. The island has flamers hence my city name...... For details of the banners read the historical quote above.

Come and get me :)
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