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Alright, before it's too late, lemme start this off:

1. Who the heck are half these names??? Well I know one:


so guess that's a SINK.

2. Ok I heard of like 5 in here, probably a SINK as well.

3. Bruh who the heck are all these ppl I've never heard of. I don't think it's me who's been under a rock - looks like a bunch of noobs or smurfs. No crowns, swords or greposcore for the most part. SINK.

4. Ooh I know the top guy here. Meh, SINK.

5. I think I see the most names I recognise so far here! Uh... SINK.

6. Meh tell me when has rank 6 ever won a world? Well actually that might happen in us92 lol. Probably not here. SINK.

7. Don't know these guys either. Should've chose a better name! SINK.

8. I smell

so kitchen SINK.

9. Couldn't have picked a better name for themselves. SINK.

10. Man all their players still on 1 city, guess that's a SI- wait what? Whoa whoa whoa check that name and profile wtf??? Sheeeet they know what's up I think we have a winner here. jk jk, SINK.

11. Can you at least capitilize the first letter of your name? SINK.

12. No no, not all caps. SINK.

Well rip this world I guess. Can guarantee you this was time well spent when I have things to plan lolol.


Sterben 4th alliance branch opening waiting room, sign up if you wanna join with me


You must really not get around the community much if you think we were anywhere close to record setting boosters.
Touche. Yep agreed, never seen anyone break 1 mill DBP in 24 hrs before via BP Boosting..... It was a joke anyway after recent events elsewhere. GL with your new server.



1.Swim. Mainly an o54 alliance. They have a lot of golders. Hercules has been spending a lot of gold on buying resources. (Thanks btw) I give these guys a swim because their gold will keep them alive for a while to come.
2.Sink. An o44 alliance. It's my alliance so will obviously fail.
3.Swim. A o55 alliance.
4.Float. Their positioning in o45 isnt the best. i give them a float for now but sink later.
5.Swim. A o45 alliance. They have the famous fireship builder golden horn.
6.Sink. They have members all over the map from just quick analyzing.
7.Sink. The alliance name is terrible.
9.Swim.Their core is probably one of the best in the world. The rim i a good place to be for them. Will be a tough fight for the ghosts.
11.Sink. @Spartan AD lmao
12.Float then sink.
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It's amazing even now I can see two names I could recognize from my previous experiences in this game.

I played Grepolis when it was 2015~2016 and I was in Bhrytos.

The ranked alliance is The Raptor Pack that was kinda excellent Alliance which started rather late back then but did manage to engrave their name on Top 12 Aliiances, so I can guarantee that these guys will SWIM until this world ends unless the players has changed comparing to the old one.

And the Second alliance I wish to mention is True Fear. they got in my head as an Alliance consisted with stunning players as well as the above one.

The rest is I don't know due to my period of inactivity of this game.

And by the way.... it's amusing to see the same players even after 4years has passed since I quit this game.

is there anyone who remember me? Warzimi was my name when it was my time.

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i played in blue ribbon beers. i was daveinator007. and your name sounds familiar. whats your ign here?