Dead World


Yes, the support system. Since ban discussion is a breach of the forum rules we are not allowed to discuss them anywhere on the forum.

It's part of the players privacy. If they want you to know they will tell you, otherwise it's a lost cause. ;)

~ Lane

Kind of funny when they arent allowed to tell us in the first place though..... If i got banned and i make a post telling everyone, it will get shut down. So your logic is flawed.


Kind of funny when they arent allowed to tell us in the first place though..... If i got banned and i make a post telling everyone, it will get shut down. So your logic is flawed.

If you read the post correctly it's not flawed, jono.. :D

I said it's a breach of the forum rules so we are NOT allowed to discuss ANYWHERE on the forum. I did not state you could open up a thread on the forum on why you were banned..Of course it wouldn't remain open due to what I just said. If you want people to know talk about it in private.

But, I'm getting off-topic, FOTNS won't be happy with me. Sorry, FOTNS! You can delete. :D


Well the rumor, statements continue, that in a short time some 600 cities will be ghosted in a mass exodus. I'll not name the source but I will say this. Someone must have forgotten this is a game comprising many elements. There has been mass denial that when TRT was growing and attacking anything in their path that there was No discussions, nor actions taken, to form a super coalition to stop us. Well gents I'm sorry but I don't buy it.. Too many sources named and said otherwise. Too many players came to us to join us when the talks were floating around to hit the nasty TRT. And too many coordinated attacks took place for any sane man to think otherwise.

Ok so we got a ton of accusations and a ton of denials. Big deal... forming alliances and pacts and diplomacy is a big part of survival in this game. TRT chose wisely in their allies and negotiated hard to have them, others apparently did not, end of story. But I digress..

To all of a sudden say this world is done and run away is just plain cowardice. TRT didn't run when HA were twice our size, Nor Harpoon fought with us and a half dozen others. What statement are these runners making. They have no leadership to fight back. no back bone, no creativity? Well to the runners I say, you can get all high and mighty and cry because we figured out how beat you and you cry the tactics weren't fair booooooohooooooo all day long.

There's no bulling in war for pete's sake You pick a target within your core and hit the biggest of the enemy in it with all you got and move em to heck out of there.. WOW now aint that new to war strategy lol

There are a number of good alliances left that will craft their strategy and alliances and fight on. So this msg is to those who stay.. WTG YOU GUYS I'd rather be beat to a pulp, or kick the other guy then run away cause in a world so young I got out smarted so early.. bahhhhhhhhhhhh

To those who run away.. you won't be forgotten, Runners always earn a name for themselves and it aint WARRIORS...

Have fun in whatever world you run to,. the rest of us enemy and ally alike will fight on with honor.. and more power to them all who do stay to play.

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I have been advised that HA players are not fighters, but headless chickens....And this thing got true....

First of all, HA had 5 pacts and A LOT of NAP's.....This info is certified, and NO ONE can say it ain't like this....I had spies in ALL the HA coalition alliances....Some also in leadership....So no need to tell me what and how it was....HA was forming a coalition to attack TrT, and after TrT was dead - Horns....

Now i will go back to the "ghosts" issue -

This is a short story i will tell u about my past experience in another world....This experience was shared with many TrT actual members - The world is Ithaca.

Back in Ithaca i was in "Grimm Sleeppers", like some others here...When i joined them, the first 2 alliances were attacking us...The first ranked alliance in points and ABP was Deus ex Birema ( a great alliance, with one of the best players in Grepo - thanks Gokilla for that )
The second ranked in points and ABP was As Athens Burns ( - hey nodcrush )

These 2 alliances attacked DAILY for 3 months the alliance i was in. We were ranked 6th, and were 10 times smallers then any of the alliances i spoke by now.
DAILY, for 3 months we had at least 100 attacks per day. We were a bunch of guyz that for 3 months, never ducked in VM, quit or ghosted. We stayed, sniped daily, and survived. After this war, DeB pacted with the alliance i was in, just because we showed our WARRIORS style. We never quit, never went in VM.

Now i go back to Edessa -

When TrT found out about the plan of HA, we formed a very small coalition ( with some great alliances ) and we striked first HA.

Now don't u find strange that all the HA leadership went in VM when they got attacked ?

Now don't u find strange that chickens ghost now, just because THEY DO NOT KNOW how to figth ?

HA only attacked small alliances ( one by one ) and had a lot of Acolytes to keep them safe. HA NEVER ATTACKED A TOP 10 ALLIANCE !!!!!

U think you are fighters ? U are not, u are just simmers and turtles and that was proven these days, when everyone chickened and ghosted....As long as i will play grepolis, i will tell this tale to all my friends in other worlds, in any world, and i will give them your names, because u are not fighters - u are simmers !!!!

In the end, i will tell u one more thing - anthonysham, a guy who got ganked, never ghosted, never quit....The others who ghosted or will ghost, should learn a thing or 2....U guyz are not playing a WAR game, u are playing simcity. In a WAR game, u get attacked, u attack, u live or die - that's a game u are not playing.

Please ghost here, and start with other names in other worlds, cuz the name u used here are names that will be heard by everyone. U don't deserve to play in any world, in any alliance...In Grepolis.

Happy simming,



I have been advised that HA players are not fighters, but headless chickens.....


Don't drag me or my family into this Orwellian slap-fight.

Especially not on Easter... when we're busy trying to have a good time... hard boiling our young.



why are you so obsessed with HA - long since the alliance was beheaded and yes leadership disappeared to everyone's surprise.

I was attacked by three alliances with 2.3 milion points togheter - 50 to 100 attacks per hour not 100 in a day

and you wonder why ex HA players are leaving???

You can call me chicken or what you like - i wish you the best



m8, i am not obsessed with HA....but i am intrigued that players who call themselves "fighters" run when they are attacked....

Keep in mind, this thing will happen in every world, in every world u will get attacked, more or less, depending on the alliance u are in, and the situation at a certain point.

U got attacked, and i am sure u could not defend, though u not even tried. I am not calling u a chicken, i am calling the players who just ghost chickens - this is not a fighter style....Keep in mind that sniping can be AT LEAST as fun as attacking....;)

Cheers to you too m8.