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Download: DIO-TOOLS-David1327 (Download)

DIO-Tools is officially approved by Grepolis (EN).

Description: Utilities for or Grepolis.

Following the closing of the site and the lack of update, I updated the script (image 404, https security and several bug + Smiley)
  • Modification and repair of the attack window
  • Removed the deviation on the left + Attack window repair + Popup favor
  • Add = Grepolis Guides =
  • And more...

  • Installation:
    At first you need an userscript addon for your browser to run DIO-Tools.

Google Chrome
Mozilla Firefox
Microsoft Edge

Once the addon is installed,

the script can be installed:
DIO-TOOLS-David1327 (Download)

Latest version:
  • Pictures:

  • Characteristics:
    Functions can be disabled in the settings.
    • Window with emoticons
    • Counter bireme
    • Overall strength of units
    • Charge capacity
    • Window of available units
    • View of the villages
    • simulator
    • Taskbar
    • Window of Powers
    • Popup Favors
    • Wonders of the world
    • List of cities
    • Trading options
    • Defense report
    • Activity windows
-> Detailed description of functions

Feedback and suggestions are welcome.

If you find errors, you are not allowed to keep them! :)

If it helps :)
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Hello everyone version 4.11.4 and available
What are the changes
Addition of new emoticons, with special smiley (different depending on the country)
Integration with Mole Hole (City list and menu).
Changing the style of the scroll bar (Available on Chrome, Opera, Safari) (option can be disabled in options)
Change settings and Percent trading.
Changing the Attack and Support Screen Layout + Changing the Deactivation Function (More Comprehensive)
Bug correction: Comparison of units.



New version available Version 4.14.2
I want to thank you for your help and support
I inserted a feature already present in Quack Toolsammlung.
I added it to dio-tools to improve it called "BBCode de la ville"


As you can see in the attached photos, Quack Toolsammlung is in a very bad position due to the lack of updates. In addition it was no longer possible to deactivate this option.

Quack Toolsammlung without dio-outils​
First modification with DIO-TOOLS-David1327​
New version DIO-TOOLS-David1327​



In the island MM button, 'Ghost Town' is included as a recipient.

Also, when GRC is active, the hrs inactive are preppended to all player names.

Eg. If I am 2 hrs no grow/no ABP, my name would be


in the recipients


Hello and thanks for the script.

I find it very nice that you fusion quack with DIO tools. But i would like to hear if you thinking adding more addons from quack? I especially missing the button where when you trading ressourcers, you can click on it and it trades only to a City festival. Is it possible you can add that?

Also i find it very nice if you could see your total ressourcers in all cities. Just some information for yourself, so you can plan witch troops to build etc :)

Keep up the good work!



is there anyway to to speed up my grepolis with the scrip installed? it seems to make my laptop very slow. Its a mac book prob not the fastest softwear on it.